Imagine 8 Billion Humans Removing Their “Sleeper Cells”, To Suddenly “Wake Up”, Did YOU Remove YOUR “Sleeper Cell” Yet?

Imagine 8 Billion Humans Removing Their “Sleeper Cells”, To Suddenly “Wake Up”, Did YOU Remove YOUR “Sleeper Cell” Yet?

Dear world,

The point is….

….at one point…

you had the ‘sleeper cell’… if not still now… every human who came to earth, got ‘chipped’ by limiting thoughtforms, “I am separate… I am alone”… sound familiar???

You didn’t have a chance… you agreed to this before you were born.

Originally, you did this so that you could attract or relate to darkness, for your earthy experience in 3D.

The ‘sleeper cell’ is like an anchor that you would hold, as you decended into the ocean water; the anchor of the sleeper cell, had helped us to experience duality deep in the dense energies of earth.

Dear dear humans… 3D, almost over on this planet…

What we can do from here, is to simply LET GO OF THE ANCHOR.

You do not need the anchor to go deeper into dense earth experiences, you have achieved rock bottom dear fellow traveler… the company of heaven says even though we cannot see the bottom, that we have achieved it.

Mission accomplished… the environment is now PERFECT for healing, and for the portion of the journey where we rise…THERE IS A SWITCHING OF DIRECTION, dear ones.

From here in 3D, chances are, everything you learned is half-wrong.

This portion of the journey is much more challenging than rising back up to the surface.

It is time to rise to the surface, to create the experiences that you truly want.


Imagine 8 billion souls swimming to the surface real fast, now cleared of the ‘sleeper cells’.

“Anchors away!” indeed.

It is time to swim to the surface.

Imagine 8 billion swimmers deep in the ocean with you, letting go of the ‘anchors’ of the ‘sleeper cells’, and now rising to the surface together.

When humanity gets to the surface, a new reality will be upon us, IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE.

As part of the contract, you must remove ‘sleeper cell’, yourself, no one can remove another’s ‘sleeper cell’, since that is part of the contract.

For more on this concept, the historic radio show Channel Panel:

The play of 3D is almost over, some characters are leaving the building…

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You May Feel Out Of Place, Off-Balance, Perhaps A Bit Confused And Reticent About Knowing How To Proceed, Allowing Transition and Integration to Occur, Maintaining Your Driving Force

Earth is birthing too…

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Indian in the machine

8 thoughts on “Imagine 8 Billion Humans Removing Their “Sleeper Cells”, To Suddenly “Wake Up”, Did YOU Remove YOUR “Sleeper Cell” Yet?

  1. I am trying to remove my sleeper cell. Working daily to connect with my source energy and be the light. It’s an interesting process to eradicate the effects of a lifetime of negative energy and poisoning. This is an incredible time to be living in. I am trying to reconnect with myself when I was 7 years old running down a country road feeling free with The heavens. I do sense the change and have been trading in the negative for a higher vibration. Your assistance or nudge in the right direction is desired and Oh So Appreciated Brother. Alua.

  2. So, where did you go? Six years later, it’s 2021 but no posts beyond 2015.. but this site is still here?
    Why? Who’s paying for it? Does anyone even moderate new comments?
    Why is this still here?
    Weird Ness…
    Anyway hope you’re okay… And I truly hope and pray you’ve found Jesus and your eyes have opened, and He has led you out of the Deceptions you were under. Some of the things you believe… They are very dangerous for you.
    Only Jesus saves. If you do not know Him, you will not ascend to anywhere, sweetie. It will cost you your eternal Life. Please find Jesus for real.

    1. Hi RoEl thanks for your messages, but if you were really with Jesus you wouldn’t have said all of what you said, because he doesn’t stand beside bull… ready to ascend for real or pretend, your choice. 🙂

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