Earth Science Catching Up To ET “Earth Is Entering Mini-Ice Age” Theory

Earth Science Catching Up To ET “Earth Is Entering Mini-Ice Age” Theory

Listen to John L Casey… he seems to know his stuff, and he speaks of the cooler period we are entering… folks… I do believe the time of mass produced food is ending as we know it… so if we are entering a period of crop failures… then let the farmers remain unaware if they choose… we can remain aware that the earth is going through a cooling period.

I do not fear a collapsing food supply, although I will miss lemons…. take action folks.. the writing is on the wall, everywall, on every building… “all systems are changing, create something beautiful from the wreckage, that will transform you.”.

2.  Now go to the study notes from The Group webinar study notes on end times and mini-ice age.

From Study Notes: “Major Earthquakes have changed the tilt and spin of Earth causing an elongation of the planet (more egg shaped) and narrowing at the Equator resulting in ‘redistribution’ of water and excessive rain.


Flooding is and will be a problem in the Balkans, Saudi Arabia/Mecca, Bay of Bengal/Bangladesh, UK, Phillipines, Southern Mexico/ Yucatan/Central America.


Drought is projected in California, Texas, Africa, India, Southern Mexico, Southern South America.

ET Summary Of EARTH CHANGES ‘Mini Ice Age Explained… This Is The Most Critical Information Of Its’ Kind’   


Lastly, it is interesting that  John says the sun is cold… which is what I know as well.


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