“Asteroid Army” of 83 Giant Objects Hurtles Towards Earth, Possible EMP Similar To Mars, Earth Showing Serious Ongoing Signs Of Stress

“Asteroid Army” of 83 Giant Objects Hurtles Towards Earth, Possible EMP Similar To Mars, Earth Showing Serious Ongoing Signs Of Stress

As usual, discern this info., with your heart… watch out if you are mind-focused, as you may not be able to handle this info., and what is possibly to come.

1. “Asteroid Army” Hurtles Towards Earth

This info., resonates as true for me…  for years I have been reading that Nibiru is a highly magnetic body of objects now in our solar system, that causes lots of space debris.  Many ascended masterly beings channeling messages to humanity speak and hint about Nibiru existence, but there are two things humans do not like to talk about… Nibiru and Jesus!…. and get this, they both exist!



SANANDA CONFIRMS NIBIRU’S EXISTENCE: Nibiru is known as the Twelfth Planet and is in Earths inner orbit now. NASA has posted images of Nibiru calling it the dwarf star. The Path of Nibiru aligned with Regulus is the Path humanity will take as it Ascends back to its origin in the Higher Realms. It is the end of the age of duality and a New Age of Peace and Love.


From Sorcha Faal:

We have a noticeable increase of fireballs hitting earth atmosphere over the past few years, definitely strongly supporting the notion that we have lots of unexplained space debris hitting  earth.

An unsettling report prepared by the Aerospace Defence Forces (ADF) that is circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show that many scientists are in fear of the potential effects to our solar system of what they term is an “asteroid army” of at least 83 giant space objects due to hurtle past Earth and Mars over the next three months.

According to this report, these giant asteroids appear to have an “intelligent trajectory” not unlike a military formation and is comprised of three waves with 43 of them flying close to Earth in January, 25 in February, and 15 in March.


Like other celestial bodies flying around our solar system, these giant space objects are coming in with a slightly altering orbit… not a straight line folks…

2. Huge Explosion Spotted on Mars After Comet Siding Spring Passes


If it happened to Mars during Siding Spring, could it not happen to earth as Lovejoy passes by, which is visible by the naked eye, now in our skies?


3.  Earth continues an upswing of unusual sightings in the sky on all sorts of levels…


4.  Earth is definitely stressed out… Zetas say this is because Nibiru is causing earth to shudder and shake due to magnetic disturbance.

Earthlings, Prepare Your Body For Electrical Surges From Three Sources: 1. Photon Belt, 2. Solar Surges, 3. Magnetic Disturbance From Nibiru

Town Gets Sick From Planet X/Nibiru? Uranium Town Gets Mysterious Magnetic Sleeping Sickness

Zetatalk: November 23/14 Holland Crop Circle Depicts Nibiru-Related Severe Earth Wobble

Nibiru Will Shift Poles Twice As It Leaves Our Solar System (Animated Video) 

5.  Is it possible that we may have more of these big asteroid events to come for years, and that it is reasonable to actually dig a hole, and have some supplies on hand

Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List …

A Gallery Of Nibiru-Inspired Shelters For Comfort And Survival 

6.   Earth is wobbling right now… is that proof enough that something big is happening?

Irrefutable Timelapse Proof Of Nibiru-Related Earth Wobble? Nibiru Megalinks November 2014, Click Here!

7.  Not only is earth wobbling right now, but our magnetosphere is collapsing, AND is going wonko!

Zetas Say Increased Meteors And “Electromagnetic Tides” Are Proof Of Planet X/Nibiru Debris Trail

8.  Earthlings are mostly still in shock phase… panic has yet to happen, if it will.

Nibiru ====> First Shock And Panic, Then The Sociological Phase

9.  Life on earth is shifting and will never go back to what we think of as normal.

Two New Mini-Ice Ages… New Weather Patterns Emerging… Earth Is Bulging Causing Flooding… Nibiru Magnetic Disturbances


We often state, when discussing the Earth changes, that this or that will be on the increase, accelerating, or become more noticeable. Such statements are often lost on the public, as they are scattered, and do not reflect the impact of the increase on many fronts, which can seem like a new phenomenon for those who had been ignoring the Earth changes.  Increased earthquakes and volcanic activity, booms and flashes of methane gas suddenly alighting, neon clouds and corkscrews in a magnetic twist, erratic weather and intractable drought and deluge suddenly switching about, standalone lightning storms, electro-magnetic pulse affecting planes and mankind’s electrical grid – when all reach a threshold where they are noticed by the public, this in and of itself is a new phenomenon. Shock and panic will result, so that the Earth changes morph into another phase, a sociological phase.


Bear Witness To Planet X/Nibiru Effect: Blackouts, Static, Lightning, Electrical Problems, Satellite Failure, Charged Ionosphere

IITM:  What is this sociological phase? Well… it will involve a shifting of personal and collective values, atttiudes and beliefs.  Watch for a new aspect of awareness relating to earth changes and:

-Where to live

-How to grow food

-How to share resources

-How to spiritually create our reality

-How to join consciousness with weather

-Cooperation with elemental earth, air, fire and water families

-Any solution that deals with the situation

-Energies to help calm and educate the populace

-New technologies will spring forth

-A new era of peace to be triggered

-And much much more!

We are learning to release static in our energy You Are A Human Radio Station With Antenna: Do You Live With Background Static That You Do Or Do Not Perceive?

As you read these words, and let them soak into your being, I hope people realize that heartless living, greed, competition, unbalanced egos, addictions to the physical world, all keep us in a bubble of control and powerlessness… sooooo do not fear, join in, in helping out with the sociological phase, and participate in the unity, and not separation of humanity, and our ascension to a new reality, which does involve a necessary cleansing of all that is not of Creators will.

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission


2 thoughts on ““Asteroid Army” of 83 Giant Objects Hurtles Towards Earth, Possible EMP Similar To Mars, Earth Showing Serious Ongoing Signs Of Stress

  1. I just wanted to extend my gratitude for all of the hard work it takes to make this information available in one place, as collecting the information is so time consuming due to the wide ranging affects being cataloged in so many different areas. It took me several years worth of reading and studying and observing to understand. I appreciate all of the hard work you have put into creating such a vast resource…THANKS

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