Indian And Living With Fire And Man-o-pause

I really do enjoy living by fire… and I have been noticing the effects on my body as a result… wow who would have thought I would have to drink MORE water, which was already LOTS OF WATER. There appears to be chronic dehydration for many living this way, and they know it not… it was especially noticeable for me, during the holyday season, in which eating a bit of extra food, brought certain health issues to my forefront. 

So while I still am challenged to gain weight, while MAN-O-PAUSE creeps up, I find it amusing when people I have not seen in a while tell me I am getting younger…  okay hehe… sure… now say that with the lights turned up…. hehe…

I also got through a new round of ionic foot baths this week…. it definitely elevated my energy, and helped with the holiday flush.

Love, Dieter

Indian in the machine


6 thoughts on “Indian And Living With Fire And Man-o-pause

  1. Loved this advice to New World Servers, Light Bearers, Blue Rays et al, am taking downtime, alone time…….melting snow for water. I stay warm, but I do not like the cold as much as I have it right now in the Great Lakes of WI. We’ve got to keep our inner fires burning………….cheers!

  2. For a few years now I don’t warm my house up till -10C., except when I get visitors of course, which I have to know in advance because of a wood burner. People don’t understand that it’s my own free will and feel sorry for me. But I’m really never ill and always feel quite healthy. I’m used to the cold in winter and don’t even notice it. I can recommend it.

  3. It’s not just living the way we do. The moisture is being extracted from the air. The snow is like dry ice…and dry underneath. The changes in our air …forming tiny crystals to capture the moisture and carry it up or to other areas. I have been watching this for the last couple years and doing my own experimenting with it. It’s not just from the woodstove. Just keep drinking lots of water or juices. Too much carbon dioxide in the air will do that. We are past the point of why…now it’s all about replacing the fluids and as you said in your posts…a time to ‘improvise overcome and adapt’ to the new energies. Don’t get discouraged. There’s much help there…even though sometimes we feel so alone. I say we because …I don’t even need to say. You already know 🙂

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