Highest Alert: 2015 into the first few weeks, non-seismic booms that rattle the house, all over the frickin place?

Gov’t Whistleblower Says ‘Something is Wrong With Earth’s Core’, Reports Linda Moulton Howe

2015 into the first few weeks, non-seismic booms that rattle the house, all over the frickin place?  http://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2015/01/govt-whistleblower-says-something-is-wrong-with-earths-core-reports-linda-moulton-howe-2690632.html

IITM:  Wow, no surprise for those willing to be informed.


Oh Dear… Zetas Right Again! Time Lapse Photos Of Sun Confirm “Earth Is Wobbling” Theory

Earthlings, Prepare Your Body For Electrical Surges From Three Sources: 1. Photon Belt, 2. Solar Surges, 3. Magnetic Disturbance From Nibiru

Zetatalk: “The Closer Planet X Comes, The More Violent The Wobble.”

Weather Going Crazy + Magnetosphere Wacko! Earth Shields Down + And Human Dimensional Portal Experiments In Upper Atmosphere?

Inuit Elders Say Earth Shifted, Wobbled Or Tilted… Confirming ET Zetatalk Poleshift Information

Major Earthquakes Changed Tilt, Spin And Shape Of Earth, Causing Worldwide Flooding; “Too Much, Too Little, Or Too Dirty”

As I have been saying numerous times, if you do not detox, your body will electrically overload.

Whatever is going on with earth, is also going with humans.

Many humans are finding the energies rather intense…

I find it interesting and kind of sad, how people discount these words without ever looking closer, they try to discredit the messengers like myself, and then meanwhile their family members are dying all around in a suffering manner… mother earth groans, shakes, shudders… the magnetosphere is collapsing…and the news lies to the masses at every level, with no causes of anything reasonably examined…. wow I am so glad I chose to be humble, it is essential to be of heartfelt service.

Keep detoxing from the modern world eh?

Indian in the machine


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