Click Here If Feeling Off In 2015 – Urgent News On The Energetic Shift

Click Here If Feeling Off In 2015 – Urgent News On The Energetic Shift

Some timely info.  from Elizabeth Peru… the theme of the times appears to be a complete purging towards letting go of anything holding anyone back…

Elizabeth Peru

URGENT NEWS ON THE ENERGETIC SHIFT: As I reported two days ago there has been a major energy shift on Earth. It occurred just after New Year and particularly affected our lower chakras, the stomach, spleen, liver, digestion etc. It has been a total clear out of the ELIMINATION organs. You have been LETTING GO of 2014 and more. All of those strong desires you have mentally created for a better life in 2015 are now ACTIVATED. You are getting what you wanted. Believe it. Sometimes we need to clean out what holds us back before we can get to the good stuff underneath. Your elimination on the physical level is showing this to you. The physical is always the last place to shift energy. This is a physical year in 2015 and straight away we get a major toxic body release occurring. It’s perfection actually. The forces are with us

What I have noticed over the past few hours is that this clearing movement is shifting to the upper chakas, they are now on the move. We have started clearing out the lower centres over the last few days and the bowels in particular are moving for most people (LOL). Let it go is the theme. We now proceed to clear out old, stuck energy around the chest, throat, third eye and crown.

So over the next day or so you may notice an increase in third eye and crown clearing signaled by headaches/migraines, sneezing, heavy or sore eyes, tiredness. AND throat chakra clearing signaled by sore throats, raspy voices, phlegm build up, not wanting to talk. AND heart chakra clearing signaled by heart/thymus palpitations, tightness across the chest, crying/high level of emotions.

Resting up and taking it easy (no matter what you are doing) is advised. You can still get on with your day without over doing it. Drink LOTS of filtered water (with lemon slices is great for accelerating the cleansing). Know you are NOT going mad. You are simply experiencing what we all are. Yet other people might not talk about it or know what it is. I will always let you know in straight forward language. As this is nothing to be scared about. It’s a NORMAL energy upshift (albeit a big one this year). We go through them constantly.

Let me know how you are going with this shift and if you have questions. The more we speak about it the easier it is on everyone.

Please share with your friends who will benefit.

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Click Here If Feeling On In 2015

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Stay true to your expanding heart, or get it going if is almost stopped, 

Indian in the machine

One thought on “Click Here If Feeling Off In 2015 – Urgent News On The Energetic Shift

  1. It’s really good to read about all this. I had the complains full power, with heavy eyes and tiredness. And than it seems normal and explainable.
    But I wonder about this morning. I walked to my friends house but it was like I dreamed. I know the environment but I could have walked anywhere in the world. A few days ago I was literally catapulted as you, indianman, explained in a video ( and wich I could not believe until it happened. But where am I now?

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