A Society Of Binging Serfs, The Meaning Of Service, Vices Of The Serfs


A Society Of Binging Serfs, The Meaning Of Service = Vices Of The Serfs

Gzus Cryst

Wow again and again… thanks brother. 🙂  Unlike many who are trying to lose weight, I have been overeating to try to gain weight, but I know I need to hydrate, build muscle and bone, and let the body repair from a life of dehydration caused by lifetime of a distant relationship with water and food… that overtime turned acidic and toxic… now I am cleaning up my lymph, and flushing the body with pure water, lemon water, cranberry, pineapple, watermelon… and training myself to not eat so much.

If humans can develop machinery that can run on water, then so too can we learn to run our bodies on water, and not be as concerned with caloric intake, but a shift towards the minerals.  Remember this:  Our bodies produce much more energy than than the calories we eat each day… so where is that extra energy coming from… it is NOT coming from MORE food.

We have other reasons to detox…

Earthlings, Prepare Your Body For Electrical Surges From Three Sources: 1. Photon Belt, 2. Solar Surges, 3. Magnetic Disturbance From Nibiru

When A Planet Wobbles, Does It Affect Health?

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Zetatalk: “The Closer Planet X Comes, The More Violent The Wobble.”

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Imagine The Fifth Element Added To World Human Health Maintenance!: Historical Angel Message On Maintaining The Human Aura

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People Power Returning Ignited By Three Spirits Of The Fire Of Christ And The Violet Flame

Indian in the machine


One thought on “A Society Of Binging Serfs, The Meaning Of Service, Vices Of The Serfs

  1. conditions

    the spirit of timeless diversity
    All what is could – nothing have to.
    All what is have to – nothing could.

    the spirit of time in diversity and conservation
    All what is should be – nothing should be.

    the spirit of age within diversity and conservation
    accept, respect and dealing with the conditions
    What have to be, could be and should be.
    What is to accept and respect.
    What do you have to do, could do, should do.

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