Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa Mentions Cities Of Light Delay In January 2, 2015, Message

Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa Mentions Cities Of Light Delay In January 2, 2015, Message

To the best of my ability to figure things out, I have come to believe in a multidimensional universe… it is not a personal religion… it is what happens when you open your being to newer reflections of Light.

The cities of Light are fifth dimensional and higher frequency, places beyond our current range of sight… many scoff at this point… seeeshhh…snort… do not be gullible Indian… but I say… imagine that most of Creation is beyond our limited earthly range of sight and senses… imagine that we only see a tiny silver of a lower dimension like the third dimension…. BY THE WAY NONE OF US COME FROM THE THIRD DIMENSION, SO IF YOU ARGUE THERE ARE NO OTHER DIMENSIONS, THEN YOU OBVIOUSLY ARE A LOST SOUL WITH NO RECOLLECTION OF YOUR ORIGIN.

To the best of my ability here is my take on this delay of the cities of the light, that were suggested to appear this Christamas by GFoL SaLuSa and cities of Light ambassador Genii Townsend….:

Human is in an ascension experiment… so as part of this experiment, we are guided spiritually of course, by unseen forces like a rabbit n a maze being guided by the carrot… the rabbit follows the carrot but does not actually get the carrot… does this resonate… what on earth is the purpose to this thinks the rabbit? Well… without the incentives of this carrot or that carrot… humanity will not go as fast spiritually… as without the carrot.

Most of humanity is not aware of the THIRD GRAND EXPERIMENT… by which a species has chosen to mutate on a planet that is turning into a blue star… humanity is mutating from third dimensional double-stranded DNA, to 12-stranded DNA of the fifth dimension.


Yeah… seriously… we do realize that humanity has always been guided by spirit…. this is not anything new… what is new…is that we are being guided to spiritually evolve very very fast… soooo well done dear human… we are going very very fast right now… so fast we are evolving from a state of being of very limited consciousness, to a state of being of unlimited consciousness!  We really have no choice… we really took things on this planet to the limits shall we say, when it comes to almost but not quite destroying everything in sight…now imagine in 2015 that people just like you, are going to drop any attitude that does not put CREATOR FIRST AND FOREMOST into our collective consciousness… then things will really happen by magic over and over… until then…. expect more carrots!

Remember when Jesus said he will prepare a place for those who prepare a pace for him? Maybe it is the cities of Light… a place for galactic ambassadors… where else did you expect our galactic visitors from other realms to hang on earth… at starbucks?

Read the provocation…. it is helpful…

City of Light Update Via Genii Townsend ~ DECEMBER 29 2014, And Commentary

Remember to not use your imagination to limit yourself and others.

Remember to use your imagination to unlimit yourself and others… this is different than what most humans are used to…. so go easy on each other… remember that an unlimited being looks flaky to a being who is highly limited…. remember that a limited is blocked… and remember that we are designed for an unlimited universe.

With that, I share the latest GFoL message…

Indian in the machine

SaLuSa 2  January 2015

We hear many of you question why time seems to be going so much faster. It is simply that the speed of the vibrations is increasing, whilst at the same time the vibrations are lifting you up out of the lower vibrations. It will continue until you are completely lifted up into the 4th. Dimension, to no longer be assailed by the lower vibrations The coming City of Light, that is also part of the new dimension is just one many manifestations that are lined up to appear this year. That it already appears to have been delayed should not concern you as it due to appear very shortly. We know that humans are impatient but you are so near to seeing the City of Light we ask you to have patience.

There is so much happening and as soon as the changes start to come, you will be amazed at how quickly they will take effect. We have informed you as to what is to take place and each step will take you nearer to the day when you will be rid of those who oppose the Light and interfere with the process. Any attempts to delay it will be to no affect and the dark Ones are already beginning to appreciate the difficulties that confront them. There may be individuals who make themselves a nuisance, but they will be swept aside. Dear Lightworkers, this year will be one to remember, and your role is to help others less informed to understand the truth of what is happening.

From here on your existence will gradually become easier, and you will have plenty of opportunities to work openly for the Light. There will be much to do as vast numbers of Humankind will be in great confusion and even scared. Your presence and assurances of what is happening will do a lot to ease their worries. Naturally, in time we will have a place on television to speak direct with the people, which should put their worries to rest. There will always be those who will not understand the coming of the Light, and show no interest it. Your role is not to waste time on those who are obviously set against the Light, but do help those who are simply confused. It will be a major step forward for them especially if they are ardent supporters of a religious body.

Many Lightworkers may get the cold shoulder within their own family, so allow them to find their own path. Whatever is planned for their evolution will obviously be right for them. However there will be many awakening from their sleep and welcome some guidance to see them through the beginning of the New Age. Bear in mind everyone is exactly where they are meant to be, and that is where they will experience according to their needs. The same applies to Light Workers so do not be concerned if not much is happening at this time, your time will come.

We would say that as soon as the New Age is recognised for what it is, it will be time for Lightworkers to become active. If nothing happens that you consider is your call to work, bide your time as not everything will come at once. Use your intuition to gauge when you should start work for the Light and you will not go far wrong. The Spiritualist Church should come into its own as it closely follows the true spiritual Path. However, let it be said that you can be a follower of the truth without joining any religion. Having said that, for people just starting out on their spiritual journey they will benefit from visiting a Spiritual Church.

The Earth herself is going through changes, and will eventually find herself lifted up into the higher dimension. That is however quite a long way off, and at that time you will also have been prepared for life in the higher vibrations. That is simply a taster of what is to come so you will know that you have everything to look forward to. So keep your sights on your goal know that there is nothing to stop you enjoying the future. The Dark Ages have all but ended and the minions of the dark Ones are in disarray.

By now many people are accepting of Extra Terrestrial largely because there have not been any incidents that can be directly attributed to their actions. Where there has been a confrontation you will almost certainly find that it caused by the Greys or your own Dark Forces. False Flag attacks are also an area where they have been involved, but a close look at the facts should uncover the truth. Our mission is to bring peace to a troubled planet that has come close to being destroyed by the actions of the dark Ones. We have stated on many occasions that we would not stand by and allow that to happen. We are to oversee the completion of your experience in the third dimension, so that you can rise up into the next dimension.

Keep firm in your beliefs and know that nothing can take them away from you. What will happen as your consciousness rises, is that you will have less and less to do with things of the lower vibrations.  You are reaching a stage where you are going to move beyond the reach of the dark Ones. However, do not worry about their presence. They are now restricted to what mischief they can carry out, but some of you still have karma to clear but you should still concentrate on the Light. Most of you have cleared your debts so try and be careful not to create new ones.

Do not believe scares and rumours as to what Obama’s intentions are, as the dark ones are running scared and looking for any opportunity to bring about chaos. Fear is their weapon and they will try hard to get you into a fearful state. Again this is where your intuition comes in handy, and if you are discerning you will “feel” the energy and know what type it is.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish every reader a great New Year. A lot is promised and as a result you will be left in no doubt that the New Age is upon you. The World is turning itself upside down as the chaos continues, but this the out working of the last major karmic issues. Celebrate your New Year with joy and shine your light into dark corners. The Galactic Federation will be with you all the way.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.
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