City of Light Update from Genii Townsend ~ December 29, 2014 + What Now Dear Spiritually Awakening Lab Rats Within The Maze Of Life?

City of Light Update from Genii Townsend ~ December 29, 2014 + What Now Dear Spiritually Awakening Lab Rats Within The Maze Of Life?


City of Light Update from Genii Townsend ~ December 29, 2014

“And the City had no need of the sun, neither of the moon to shine in it … For the glory of God did lighten it.” Revelation 12:23

“Inquiring Minds and Awakening Hearts Want to Know!”

We have been hearing from people all over the world wanting to know if the City of Light has manifested yet and so do those of us involved with The Light Center!Permit me to begin this message with a Thank You for your overwhelming response to this newsletter. So much is coming forth for the first time on this planet. A gift unheralded from the great Creator. The days move quickly as many are asking what,  where, and when is the City of Light to appear?


Indian’s observations and intuitions on the cities of light:

-The cities of light are real, thought they haven’t appeared yet.

-Genii Townsend still seems very authentic and I feel she’s an awesome ambassador on this matter.

-Once again, we have that ‘date thingy’… where something that was on schedule to happen, does not happen, and then we humans get gently accosted for not being patient enough.

-The excuse that they needed to check light bulbs, is lame… very very lame…  are the cities of light, in linear time, or are we? lol

-Admit it, when our galactic family directly lies or misleads us… it does feel like they treat us as a lab rat, while they dangle the latest bit of carrot, only to guide us forward, but never getting the carrot… yet that is… but we are expected to have a good time, and even party, while they urge us forward, while pretty much deceiving us.

What Now Dear Spiritually Awakening Lab Rats Within The Maze Of Life?

It’s okay dear rat friend… another day running to get the carrot, and never getting it….the scientists in the lab may not give us the carrot but they love us… those pesky scientists who have lied to the rats, and dangle a carrot and other rotten veggies, knowing how hungry we rats in the maze are…

We are learning to love ourselves through this and all abusive situations, which may include emotional abuse, for our scientists do set up the lab rats to get something they they won’t get.

Worse-case scenario, that you  say as  one lab rat to the next, “hey man, they weren’t gonna give you the carrot… give up man… , just do NOTHING!”

Some other rats who could not be present for the offerings of the ‘big hand’… that they could only cope with this barbaric treatment of the scientific experiment, through substance abuse…. these rats created new mating rituals around these substances.

Best-case scenario, that you say as one lab rat to the next, “hey man, I know what I experienced, but I am present for what is, and what is is not based on the past or the future”… just like magic… someone lifts the cage and hands that rat that chose ‘presence’… the biggest carrot he’s ever seen in his life…. just like magic… it was a hand that he never seen before, and never knew who did it… to that rat, it felt like that being was a god…. and to top it off, the scientist gave that rat daily trips to the rat spa by turning on the fresh tap water… it became pure rat heaven, and the lab rat has chosen ‘presence’ ever since… to the lab rat, the spa treatment is like the appearance of the cities of light.

The other rats oooh and ahhhed… for they always choose the expected responses of the scientists… the other rats continue to this day… every day walking up…. following the carrot but never getting either the carrot… or the lab rat spa treatment.

If I were a lab rat that were to just chase the carrot, these words would not exist.

Indian in the machine


-To assist in ascension of humanity, the planet and multiverses in a collective ascension.
-To assist in the education of our star family and origins.
-To share higher health consciousness.
-To walk and observe the planetary surface.
-To create spirit music.
-To utilize drums and music as healing modalities and to facilitate connection to Source.
-To reintroduce four elemental worlds to humanity.
-To assist humanity to see beyond existing reality.
-To share the messages of Sananda. our returned master teacher, and the heavenly hosts, and to share in their goals.
-To help humanity to comprehend new sky energies.
-To help educate humanity on the 12 strand DNA activation.
-To be inspired and to enjoy this mission and to resonate with others of similar awakening resonance.

Feel free to support this lab rat’s mission… who has broken free of the carrot experiment and who now communicates to you via the internet, in the arms of Creator. 🙂


2 thoughts on “City of Light Update from Genii Townsend ~ December 29, 2014 + What Now Dear Spiritually Awakening Lab Rats Within The Maze Of Life?

  1. Do you ever read your posts after you post them? Just wondering. Sometimes it sounds like you are scolding and calling your readers lab rats. You think that everyone is partying down all the time…and not aware. Your impatience is understandable…but you forget…earth time is not the same as eternal time. Only your Heavenly Father knows the time…so I hope you bear that in mind. From your northern position…look towards the southern sky tonight if you can see it…it will be blue/green…and visible to the eyes. But only if its dark on your south side. Be at Peace Dieter.

    1. Yes… humans are in the experiment, not readers. It is not correct to say that only Heavenly Father knows the time… we are co-creators.. and we can know anything into being… or not. 🙂 Either way, I do my job for the oneness, to the best of my ability. 🙂

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