Air Travel Is Over As We Know It: Many Emergency Airplane Landings Are Due To High Altitude Radiation!

Air Travel Is Over As We Know It:  Many Emergency Airplane Landings Are Due To High Altitude Radiation!

Planes and people are both affected by high level Fukushima-related radiation… it is ongoing.

This is breaking news folks… the whole airline industry is literally ‘falling apart’ due to radiation… in the meantime, are you willing to gamble that the plane you may take someday, may be falling apart!  Apparently the radiation is so high ‘up there’ that it is past the level at which the experts put on radiation suits….SERIOUSLY!

Meanwhile… regular passengers get stripped searched and radiated BEFORE, the actual radiation experience… FLYING AT HIGH ALTITUDE… and there is crappy food to boot!

It is ongoing…

  1. Canadian airliner makes emergency landing at Williamsport airport hours ago
    MONTOURSVILLE — A Porter Airlines twin-engine turbo-prop en route to Dulles International Airport from Toronto made anemergency …
    Plane makes emergency landing in Pennsylvania
    Montana Standard-27 minutes ago

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  2. Delta Air Lines passenger live tweets emergency landing

    Daily Mail-Dec 27, 2014
    Ms Springer said she learned there was a problem on board when the pilot informed passengers that the aircraft was turning around due to a …
  3. Indonesia Verifies Reports on AirAsia Plane’s Emergency Landing

    Sputnik International-13 hours ago
    A relative of a missing passenger has reportedly received a text message from an unknown sender, stating that the plane made anemergency …
    Singapore News: AirAsia Plane Missing QZ 8501
    Live Trading News-19 hours ago

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  4. Dog Poop And 7 Other Weird Reasons That Caused An Emergency 

    Economic Times-Dec 27, 2014
    Recently, a disruptive passenger forced a Delta Airlines flight to make an emergency landing. We all know this isn’t the first time something like …
  5. ‘NFL Network’ Star Jamie Dukes — Xmas Flight Makes Emergency 27, 2014
    A routine flight turned scary for ex-NFL player Jamie Dukes and his wife Angela — when their plane made an emergency landing on Xmas day …
  6. Another AirAsia Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing Due to 

    Sputnik International-11 hours ago
    MOSCOW, December 28 (Sputnik) — An AirAsia aircraft has reportedly made an emergency landing due to technical problems during its flight …
    Another AirAsia plane makes emergency landing
    Focus News-11 hours ago

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  7. Qantas jet makes emergency landing in Perth after air conditioning 

    The Guardian-Dec 7, 2014
    A Qantas passenger jet has been forced to make an early morningemergency landing in Perth. Flight QF2 travelling from Dubai to Sydney was …
  8. 911 Tapes Released In Southwest Emergency Landing

    CBS Local-Dec 21, 2014
    The airborne scare happened December 12. It landed safely, but–for those on board the flight as well as people on the ground–they say it was …
  9. PIA flight makes emergency landing at BBIIAP

    The Nation-21 hours ago
    RAWALPINDI – A Pakistan International Airline (PIA) aeroplane from Jeddah to Peshawar has to make emergency landing at the Benazir …
  10. American Airlines plane makes emergency landing as passengers 

    The Guardian-Dec 16, 2014
    A US-bound American Airlines flight has been forced to make anemergency landing in Tokyo after passengers were injured when the plane …
    Turbulence forces emergency plane landing in Tokyo
    Mashable-Dec 17, 2014

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    You have been informed…
    • Fukushima Radiation Causes Metal Fatigue in Planes …

      Apr 10, 2014 – Uploaded by MsMilkytheclown1

      FAQ: Effect of Fukushima radiation on flying in commercial airliners … increase in airline pilot & passenger heart attacks,cancersradiation illness symptoms … 2 “burst” after fuel melted — Then radiation doses quickly hit highest levels of … ”Fukushima Nuclear Death is Coming to the World” Leuren Moret.


      Humanity seems stuck and unable to deal with the radiation issue… heck, most can’t even talk about the chemtrails… but both can be dealt with, by living as a loving present human being, who is willing to detox from the modern world toxins, and to embrace a whole new way of reality… it is called, the golden age…

      So…. number 1… detox your liver and lymph… drink lots of water… so many are drowning in illness, in your own cellular waste… watch for it…

      Realistically, a person might desire to go through a radiation detox after every flight… it the radiation is deteriorating the planes, imagine what it does to the human body????

      Now… spend some time, and imagine you and all of humanity pulling ourselves together… for our own benefit… lose the me me me attitude… and embrace the one who created us… right now… for real… we are in a moment of oneness with all of creation.

    Indian in the machine… detox ionic foot bath plates.

2 thoughts on “Air Travel Is Over As We Know It: Many Emergency Airplane Landings Are Due To High Altitude Radiation!

  1. I haven’t been on an airplane since 1995 due mostly to lack of money. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not missing anything. 🙂 ❤

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