Thieves Oil – The Secret To Staying Alive During The Bubonic Plague

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Thieves Oil – The Secret To Staying Alive During The Bubonic Plague

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The season of germs, runny noses, congestion, and coughing is nearly knocking on our door. Since I JUST got over being sick, it occurred to me that all of those cold and flu medicines on that were in my medicine cabinet could be replaced with more natural alternatives that wouldn’t be near as destructive on my family’s bodies. I have been obsessively reading and re-reading “Treatment Alternatives for Children” by Dr. Lawrence Rosen and Jeff Cohen. It has become one of my favorite sources for information on natural alternatives. I have found quite a few options (both in books and online) that require all those essential oils that you have on hand as well. Next week I will give you more natural remedies to use all of those essential oils.

My goal this winter is to keep my family free of sickness. Honestly, I know just how epic that kind of statement is, and that I have slim chances of accomplishing this goal 100%, but I am serious about trying everything that I can to keep my family healthy and happy all the way through the winter. To do this, I am going to have to battle with my best foot forward. My secret weapon this year is going to be “thieves” oil! This stuff is so amazing, i just couldn’t wait to tell you guys about it! The story that goes along with it, is even more amazing though.


Indian:  Wow!!  Such powerful medicines… I’ve been taking some Thieves oil and am definitely on the verge of a new health upliftment… finally… something to replace those mint and gum, that is pure medicine. 🙂  I’ve noticed illness is becoming a thing of the past… this is gonna help things along even further. 🙂

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One thought on “Thieves Oil – The Secret To Staying Alive During The Bubonic Plague

  1. Good information. I put a drop of Thieves on my toothbrush every morning and haven’t been sick for several years. The only oil with more power is oil of oregano. One drop under the tongue does the trick. Oregano is very harsh though and hard to get kids to take it.

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