People Power Returning Ignited By Three Spirits Of The Fire Of Christ And The Violet Flame

People Power Returning Ignited By Three Spirits Of The Fire Of Christ,  And The Violet Flame

The three spirits of the fire of christ are wisdom, power and love.

The violet flame is an unseen light that can be invoked to transmutate dense energy into pure Light.

Combine the three spirits of the fire of christ, with the centre of your brain.

Create the world of your desires from the connection of the centre of the brain to the centre three flames of the heart, while connecting the tube of Light through the cente, to mother earth, and the centre of all… invoking the violet flame.

… the power of last sentence has eluded people for thousands of years…

It is time:

May the Violet Flame of purification burn through all that is not in resonance with your highest knowing of your …

More violet flame research including the St. Germain connection…


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    Watch for the days to come to be more challenging than what has come before… face it, people will need these tools… will you be the one of the many who could not be bothered to light the way for self or for others, out of fear of not getting your “fair share of the pie”… via your silence agreement…  folks.. we need to connect prana tubes here on our planet if we are gonna walk together as balanced human beings… keep working with that unseen light, and keep sharing that unseen light… it matters more than most can see… :)

    Many may refuse this information, but if the gasoline goes dry, the atm machines shut down, the power goes out, and the rivers change direction…. it might be a good idea to detox from the modern world, and reprogram yourself for different reality… how about the one that you actually want!!?? Is that good enough???? We’ve got the keys, via self-activation, combined with inspired visualization and action of the threefold flame fo the heart, the violet flame, and connecting our pranic tubes. Can you imagine right now… because it matters… the whole world sitting in unity, with these lights, activated, and supported… let us imagine this energy permeating our updated earth grid, that resonates clearly with the will of our Creator, free of all competing throughforms, that seek to hamper the ascension of mother earth, and the multiverse…. for it is true that the entire multiverse is waiting for humanity to “remember the ascension of the Creation, and make it a priority”.

    The biggest detriment to your wellbeing, comfort and prosperity, is that you may allow yourself to be programmed via entertainment and other media, and YOU MAY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DEPROGRAM YOURSELF FORM HARMFUL THOUGHTFORMS. You cannot use these tools of the Light, while in a state of programmed slavery… only as you are willing to free yourself, can you access any of the tools that you need to recreate your experiences into something new.


Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Ascension Mission


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