Town Gets Sick From Planet X/Nibiru? Uranium Town Gets Mysterious Magnetic Sleeping Sickness

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Town Gets Sick From Planet X/Nibiru?  Uranium Town Gets Mysterious Magnetic Sleeping Sickness

Folks…  the latest update from Zetas, say a town in Kazakhstan has been getting sleepy from the uranium under it, reacting with magnetic charge of Planet X/Nibiru’s tail….

The charged tail of Nibiru, is magnetic…sooooo if you are toxic with heavy metals, or living on top of a uraniu or other  metallic deposit affected by magnetism, you can possibly expect health-related effects… watch for feeling dizzy, wobbly or fainting…

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From Zetatalk:  

Is the illness somehow related to the Earth changes?[and from another]  Locals in Kalachi, north Kazakhstan say mystery illness is getting worse. Dozens of residents regularly hit by ‘sleeping epidemic’ for days at a time. Doctors have ruled out viruses and contaminated water as possible cause Uranium mine near Russian town and Kazakhstan village considered cause. Radiation at old mine shaft found to be 16 times higher than normal. Symptoms do not match radiation poisoning while radiation levels in village have been found to be the same as normal background radiation. [and from another]  [and from another]  For two years the villagers of Kalachi in Kazakhstan have been suffering from an inexplicable disorder, where they fall asleep for no apparent reason. The indiscriminate illness has no cure. Episodes begin without warning, and those affected never know if they will wake up again. Its causes and consequences remain unknown despite multiple attempts by medics and scientists to solve the riddle. [and from another]  Paramagnetism is a form of magnetism whereby certain materials are attracted by an externally applied magnetic field, and form internal, induced magnetic fields in the direction of the applied magnetic field.

We have described the route for a new seaway that will rip up into the Eurasian Plate during the Pole Shift, along the lowlands just to the west of Afghanistan and Pakistan and up toward the lowlands to the east of the Ural Mountains. One can see from a relief map that the direct route runs through Kazakhstan, and runs through Sleepy Hollow.  There is a deep rift through the mountains there, where the land is pulling apart, as can be seen by the methane explosion near Yekaterinburg in November. The route of the new seaway is scripted by the rock formations, primarily running inland along low lands and rivers which, as we have explained, are sagging weak points in the crust.

It is clear that Uranium exists below Sleepy Hollow, due to prior mining in the town. It is not the sealed mines that make the air above troublesome, it is the tearing and pulling apart of the rock layers. Uranium has a paramagnetic quality, so that it participates in a field when under the influence of an external magnetic field such as is inherent in the charged tail of Planet X. The tail wafts over Sleepy Hollow and the magnetic field is compounded by the presence of Uranium particles pulled into the swirl. This is a heightened, though temporary field that basically blasts anyone nearby. It is reported that the sleepiness strikes when the winds come from the mines and the river and the air is stormy and cloudy.

We have reported a type of human sickness caused by the electromagnetic blast from this charged tail. The symptoms are being dizzy and wobbly and fainting, precisely what is being reported in Sleepy Hollow. Those affected reported that medical tests could find nothing wrong, and the person recovered without lingering effects. Russia should consider moving those in Sleepy Hollow to a location not affected by this maelstrom, as it will not ease until the Pole Shift when the residents will find themselves along a new seaway. In the meantime, their faints and drunken stagger is likely to continue, and even worsen.

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