Galactic Federation Of Light Hints On Temporary New Governance Around Christmas, Return To Common Law/Constitution

Galactic Federation Of Light Hints On Temporary New Governance Around Christmas, Return To Common Law/Constitution

Well well well… I reposted the latest GFL message below….these whole date things are eventually leading somewhere, as is the transition of earth governance, and revaluation of our currencies towards a FAIR world currency… but where?  Is this the moment that human can align together in unity… or will we still have our limited ones amongst us who are constantly telling us, “that won’t happen”… and then they create that… folks… it’s a matrix that we’re in, remember?

Instead of saying “that won’t happen”… why not pray for the will to get off your ass and help us create the world of our desires… pray to be inspired, to serve something way bigger than your ego?

Why not be powerful in stead of needing other people to be powerful on your behalf?

Why wouldn’t you not align with our beloved galactic family, when they are offering assistance, as if falsely believing that acting alone is the way to go?

Why do you devote less than 1 minute of your precious time to these matters, while then claiming that “nothing happens”?

Why are our galactics needing to constantly ‘toe-step’ around OUR governments… people those are OUR earth evil governments, not the galactics… THEY know how to co-exist rather nicely.

Why do so many feel they can do nothing when it comes to changing the world… but then they change the world in their ignorance, into a slave planet?

If you are not ACTIVELY SERVING OUR CREATOR, then who is it you are serving, that you expect the rest of us to join you?

If you are whining that our galactic’s dates come and go, isn’t that simply more about humanity not doing enough, because we co-create those potentials into existence, not whine them into existence?

Let us put the Creator back into our creativity… don’t be one of those low power humans, always bashing others, stealing energy, as if somehow your IQ is going up.

Take an idea that resonates with Creator whether it comes from bozo the clown or galactic federation of light, and make it real… who knows… maybe some of these dates that come may be supported by you, and the world just might hit the jackpot…  why not this Christmas?

Admit it… humans as whole, are not used to working together… humans like to feel inferior or superior… we are not used to sharing… it will take practice but we can do it… we can work together and share.

Christmas by the way is an occult holiday… Sananda’s (Jesus) birthday is August 8th… and if Sananda is no longer important than do explain why we still count our calendar from the supposed moment of his birth?  Visit the new Sananda scriptures… new autobiography… the phoenix journals… and years of Sananda messages from a variety of channeled sources. 

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

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 17 December 2014 – 1:00am |  Pegalys



We come with more news for you. At present, the mechanism for giving you your blessings has been activated. Our liaisons report that the first aspects of this process are underway and no hitches have been encountered. Our Earth allies are confidently using a delivery system, which has been well tested over the years. It is our desire to have a number of important elements in place well before the arrival of Christmas. In this regard, we have contacted those who are in charge of these various projects and been told that a number of special circumstances are being employed to ensure the success of these various deliveries. We know as that these deliveries are under the jurisdiction of those who are completing the adjustments needed to forge a new and much fairer banking system. It is this new system, which is to handle the bulk of the deliveries that are to bring you your blessings. Thus, the first part of these deliveries is to prove conclusively that these many prosperity and humanitarian projects are indeed unstoppable. Our desire is to use these first deliveries to prove to all that the power of the dark is truly over.

This ending of the Gregorian year of 2014 AD is to be known to you as a most welcomed watershed. Not only is prosperity to begin to spread among you, but as well, the makings of new governance are to be manifested. When Count Saint Germain and Thomas Jefferson wrote the initial drafts of the American Declaration of Independence, it was to sound a grand clarion call for liberty, sovereignty and prosperity for all. This glorious document was in the beginning so what gutted by the slavery question as it then existed in the Americas. The documents true calling has taken over two centuries to materialize. What is happening is to clarify for all the divine truths inherent in this document and permit this globe to final carry out its glorious mandate. The events of the coming time are to further elucidate on this matter. You are to see the final fulfilling of a quiet revolution, which has literally taken centuries to complete. Those who have so diligently dedicated themselves to this matter are finally to reap the true rewards, which they so wonderfully deserve.

This quiet revolution is meant to install new governance dedicated to being an instrument of the people and a true protector of their rights. This organization of governance is to be the first expression of what is to be your galactic society. You are moving up a consciousness conveyer belt, which is inevitable to lead you to full consciousness. Your society has been constantly made to believe that scarcity and competition is the exact nature of human society. It is of course not. Technology and consciousness forge a union, which leads to the realms that we daily occupy. The only danger is to rely too much on technologies that do not need a constant overriding input from humanity. Intelligence is ultimately one based upon the application of spiritual consciousness. Such input is vital and cannot be overstated by us. You are at a point in your technological history where this primal warning needs to be fully heeded. This is why we are joyous that a special spiritual intervention is currently underway. This intervention is to swiftly lead you pass any potential obstacles to your return to full consciousness.

The coming events of the day thus promise you a road to your fated goal. We are here along with your Agarthan cousin to allow you to quickly move into the use of wondrous technologies, which are to make easier for you to move forward. Gaia needs to see that your global society no longer wishes to explore her resources and befoul habitat. Humanity is mean to be both a special heavenly guardian of Gaia and one who fully comprehends their role in unfolding the divine plan throughout physicality. You are eventually to expand your society into a sacred star nation who graciously guides the many water world under your stewardship and as well watches over all the worlds, which make up your particular star nation. These divine tasks are responsibilities you are to take on gladly. Each of you realizes deep down why you are here and innately understands how to carry this out. Our duty is to help you discover this. We are so glad that Heaven has given us. The coming times are to be ones where we to reintroduce ourselves to each one of you!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!

Our associates are currently busy working with our spiritual and space families in order to assure that deliveries go as planned. Presently, we are testing this system in order to ensure that it can easily and effortlessly deliver your blessings. We have seen so far that this system is working as planned. We intend at the beginning of the week to direct this system to complete its deliveries. We are working as a group to focus upon the success of this system and to be able to put the next part of our plan into operation. On deliveries are done. New governance is to come into existence. We are now waiting to move our chosen individuals to Washington where they can assume the key positions in temporary governance, which is to set up a return to constitutional and common law. This is to be a prototype for a number of others who are to take over other regimes soon after the success of the new American governance.

This change in governance is to be accompanied by a growing prosperity and a global move towards peace and cooperation. This move toward peace is finally to highlight the various “small” movements to create an alterative to the dark cabal’s banking system. These rather underfunded operations are to be given the means to expand rapidly and begin the massive build out of infrastructure throughout the “third world”. We have spiritually backed these movements and protected them from outright failure. It is necessary to provide clean water, good roads and proper sewage as well as easy access to banking and other means for an ecosystem viable development. It is necessary that Gaia be a part of all future global development. The arrival of our space families is to clarify this further. We look forward to a global preset based on a spiritual reunion with Gaia.

Let us look at what is happening. You are rising in consciousness. This is making you more aware of each other and the need to help each other. You are becoming aware of your growing responsibilities to the world, which surrounds you. You are becoming more aware of how your society is contributing to a massive extinction cycle. You realize that your technology has the ability to turn this all around. Nonetheless, the key component is spiritual. Your use of universal Love and Light is the only thing, which can save your reality. Hence, you need massively to re-evaluate your values and begin to use this new assessment in a truly remarkable way. You are beginning to transition from one who emphasizes mind-logic to one who emphasizes heart-logic. It is this, which is to grow as you transform from limited to full consciousness! To this we just say, Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we have gone over what is happening on this realm. We ask that you use your wisdom and your prayer to bring in this new reality. Many are now engaged in manifesting what we have discussed with you. We ask that you support these actions and use your innate powers to bring this new reality forward! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


2 thoughts on “Galactic Federation Of Light Hints On Temporary New Governance Around Christmas, Return To Common Law/Constitution

  1. Most traditional holidays ( ex. the life, death and resurrection of Jesus) are all allegories for sun worship. Easter, Sol Invictus (Christmas), Halloween, Super Summer bash, all of them. Jesus being dead for 3 days symbolizes the the apogee or nadir of the sun cycle, 3 days it remains in the “tomb” or at its darkest and then strengthens after 3 days. Everything is sun worship as well it should be. The lord of our solar system is the sun.

  2. i live your website it has help me understand the xhanges im going through i would like to have a mentor or someone to help guide me through this transition

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