Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List

Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List

Well, it might be time for society to collapse… it seems there is flooding going on, there are big time earthquakes, there is a magnetic wobble of our planet, which has also recently changed shape… the world of 3D is dissolving, we can feel it… there is a new world being born, but it hasn’t grounded itself yet, there a time in between where things are likely to get chaotic.

In short, the odds are much higher that things will collapse, than that they will remain the same… don’t you agree?

And we are not even adding Nibiru to the mix yet… most people are not prepared for passing of Nibiru, which is said by the Zetas, to be the most extreme situation in 50000 years…

Even if our society was service-to-others, instead of service-to-self, Nibiru alone would cause things to fall apart…. shall we say, to use non-frightening language.

I am using 40 days as an estimation, but hey if you’ve got a better number that resonates within your heart as ‘ringing true’, then go for that number.


These are suggestions on the basics needed or at least considered to have in stock  (notice the absence of the poisnous table salts, white flour, white sugar and overly processed anything?)… go with your own flow and intuition… you may wish to estimate the amount you will need and then multiply it, because if people may be starving around you, you may wish to have something to share, other than the supply you will personally need to stay alive.

Lentils; brown and red

Beans; black, and red

Seeds; Quinoa, millet, sunflower, hemp

Oil; Coconut, olive, sesame, hemp

Spices; Tumeric, Cinnamon, Clove, Curry blend, Coriander, Cumin, Black pepper

Tea; Peppermint,

Apple cider vinegar

Himalayan Salt

Baking Soda

Water source nearby or bottles

Fruit source? Apples, raisins, lemons, dried fruit etc… your choice.

If you are a meat or fish eater…. you might want to have a dried source BEFORE you need it.



Off ground bedding, blankets, pillows

Wood supply

Wood stove


Toilet paper or??

How will you relieve yourself?

Lighting:  candles, matches, lamps, lamp oil, solar lighting?

Kitchen supplies



Enhancers and Inspirationals

Musical instruments


Magical mushrooms? Just kidding…

Herbal medicinals

Essential oils

Writing material

Solar charged battery setup…. if so, then you get to use computer, but don’t count on the internet connection to be there.

I like the of idea of making a subterrain sauna next to the pithouse for ‘bathing’, because I’m sure how easy it will be to run and heat a bath, unless you have a set that works for your situation. :)


Preparing for after the fact:

Seeds for replanting

What about basic tools? Hammers, axes etc.

Greenhouse materials?




What is the Nibiru Pithouse Society?

It is highly probable that earth is headed towards a “noah’s ark” type scenario, that may be triggered by a Nibiru passby… last time Nibiru came by, we needed arks…this time we may need pithouses…. pithouses with supplies that is….

We will need your leadership, to assist our species to survive through earth changes.  We all have gifts to bring to the table… some have land, some have money, some have wisdom and so on. As the surface becomes increasingly uninhabitable… cities may be evacuated… and lots of chaos… we can do what the natives have done for generations… go sub-terrain… go underground…  survive, thrive and inspire… let us ask reasonable questions… are we even designed to live above the surface the way we do… and can we not build inexpensive dwellings, to free instead of enslave each other… thanks for your resonance…


How can I become involved in the Nibiru Pithouse Society?

It is simple, the Nibiru Pithouse Society is a free concept to be shared for non-commercial purposes, by heartfelt service-to-others people, not by corporate entities, or those controlled by corporate entities… you simply organize a local chapter on your own, by your own authority, as a servant of Creator… through this process, I guarantee you will align with people who you can all help each other.

Nibiru Pithouse Society (Main Chapter) Facebook

We can imagine together, how challenging it will be for a time, to build anything, if things go a little bonkers…

We can imagine what a gift it is to be able to prepare for something big, beforehand.. what if something simple like the atm machines went down? What if there was a gas shortage? What if the roads went down and stores went empty? For how long have you prepared if at all for an event of the magnitude of a noah’s ark scenario?

National Blackout: Bangladesh Hit By Massive Power Outage

NPR (blog)-Nov 1, 2014Share
An electrical link that supplies Bangladesh’s power grid withelectricity from India failed Saturday, plunging most of the country into a blackout.


It is said by the Zetatalks crew, that Nibiru may appear as a red dot near the sun growing ever brighter… and with it will come a whole lotta shaking… society itself may become unhinged for a time, as each human more fully grounds their Light into higher fifth dimensional and higher, frequencies.

Remember, if nothing like Nibiru happens, at worst, you have some cool digs for the refugees to come from coastal flooding, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions!

Ascension Energy Update 2015 With Matt Kahn: “The Year Of The Initiated Soul”

St. Germain: It Is Going To Be A Very Bumpy Ride. You Will See It In Others

Really Strong Big Winds To Suddenly Begin… Realistically This Can Happen

A Gallery Of Nibiru-Inspired Shelters For Comfort And Survival 

Nibiru Will Shift Poles Twice As It Leaves Our Solar System (Animated Video) 

Irrefutable Timelapse Proof Of Nibiru-Related Earth Wobble? Nibiru Megalinks November 2014, Click Here!

The idea here is not to just survive the physical body… but we are also attracting new light frequencies, which will result in a slew of new technologies… that are already on their way shall we say… we can call in free energy devices, we can keep envisioning a healed planet… we can keep connecting with our star family… and we can live on this planet, dig a hole if need be, and jump right on in…

With a bit of humor to balance the dire situation, onwards we rise up in our power,

Indian in the machine Founder, NPS

In this moment of gratitude you can: send paypal/credit card gift help fund the pithouse of the author of this article.

More Nibiru research:

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3 thoughts on “Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List

  1. I never thought how stupid and cowardly humans really are. In my way I was to come to yours defence.

    We did all together to kill the love to all what is.
    To make this happen is to kill our culture and ourselfs – just do all for making more of the same.

    It was a long term of preparation to came here to this point now.
    The killing shot is ringing. The carring out of one of the last cultures with stand for the love to all – namly german traditional entrepreneurship- is diskussed. A diskussion about is enought to make that happen.

    So your long- or shortterm preparation will come to bear. All who worked for a sintflut may get one or another. Never I wanted that, I always keep trying to say THIS IS AND WAS NOT NESSESARRY OR UNPREVENTABLE. Of course I am not naive – I am well prepared and ready to go as soon as I have to.

  2. alarming signal: burden-sharing

    Harm, pain, grief

    Each human beeing could feel the history of each other. If one telling own vision with current mind and words others could helping about translating some points of received impression of truth – this means helping an other to find the way to own truth.

    This culture is lost.

    Some remain and follow to practise this culture. They receive the harm and pain from others but often couldn’t act (react) because they hold respect to each other. The grief, they have and hold is so big, that you may think you even couldn’t breathing, beeing squeezed to death.

    With each human, who abandoning to carry, who didn’t change the way of distribution, this burden growing.

    What will happen, if we go because we have to and let you alone?

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