You Are Intelligent And A Good Student of Self And Life… This Is How You Mess Yourself Up… This Is How You Free Yourself

You Are Intelligent And A Good Student of Self And Life… This Is How You Mess Yourself Up… This Is How You Free Yourself

Dear world,

I am going to share a key here, that is a big key for many of us, as to how we continue to mess ourselves up, over and over… we are so good at it, that we do not even notice we are doing it… let me explain…

If you are like me, and you are perceptive… you enjoy learning… you enjoy evolving… you are observant… okay are you with me so far…

At this point, because we are such good students of life and self, we come to conclusions…  it seems reasonable… but this is the state at which we may get messed up.

If you come to a conclusion at this point that is limiting… you have messed yourself up. An example of a limiting and false conclusion, would be ‘I am a loser’.

If you come to a conclusion at this point, that is unlimiting… you have freed yourself, gifted yourself, and lifted yourself up… and in this process you assist others to do the same. An example of a unlimiting conclusion is ‘I am constantly evolving’.

See how easy it is to reprogram yourself… to unbrainwash yourself for A LIFETIME OF COMING TO LIMITED CONCLUSIONS.  Are bells going off right now… are the angels singing?

Folks.. there is so much depression out there… and it is because somewhere along the way, there is a limitation that is thought to be real, but is false… after a lifetime of this pattern, life itself gets pretty heavy… this is the process of how the heaviness gets in… and also how we can get it out.

As we unlimit ourselves, we are healthier, wiser, free, loving, peaceful, joyful, content, generous, grateful, blissful, unified (I wish this for you, if you wish it for yourself, I shall not wish it for you if you do not desire it, but I may be an example if you are near me)… because all of this and more is our natural state of being at the soul level… all that other stuff, we experienced on earth, for our soul to learn how we do in this experimental and limited earth environment.

Remember… earthlings right now are messing themselves up, with limitation… and it is all a game, that is taking us to the centre of our universe… are you feeling strongly that there is something important for you to do… it is likely that you came here to experience limitations… to eventually awaken to the knowing,  that the physical world is the illusion.  We learn that the cause of all physical illusion experiences, is the spiritworld… which is everything that is not perceived in the physical…  the spiritworld expresses… the physical world is the expression….

Feel free to share this with anyone who is messed up… once again, there is no judgment which is limitation… but let us lift each other up, rather than drag each other into a continued limited state of being.

Can you see why I sincerely believe in the power of everyone at the soul level, even if limitations are expressed and people come across as unloving, that we can really be great beings who have greatly limited themselves, all for a grand experiment, that is now taking a big turn towards unlimitation.

With unlimitation there is expansion and love,

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

I am convinced that those who benefit from my words, can send a little cash my way, so that I can make a living, and you can have an experience in giving and regiving.

Last time Noah built an Arc… this time you may build a pithouse.


2 thoughts on “You Are Intelligent And A Good Student of Self And Life… This Is How You Mess Yourself Up… This Is How You Free Yourself

  1. Unbelievably good timing, I was wondering the same myself about self-imposed limitations. They say we don’t need outside validation but when you ask the universe for a sign with open eyes and a willing heart, it often arrives quicker than you think it will. This sign is very clear. Thank you Dieter thank you for helping me to free myself from self-imposed fear-driven limitations and showing me the sign that backs up what my heart knows to be true.

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