February 1-3 2015 Calgary Area Three-Day Intensive: Set Up Your Own WordPress Events/Small Business Blog

February 1-3 2015 Calgary Area Three-Day Intensive: Set Up Your Own WordPress Events/Small Business Blog

You have some great ideas and a passion to bring them to life, but the bottleneck is in organizing your ideas online, and presenting them to people in a clear and up-to-date manner.  There are two issues at play:

The creation of a website, and how to maintain it.  

Do you want to be free of having to contact someone else, to update your website… or even to make one…  this empowering seminar can help you to accomplish both.

Face it, it is a BIG ENERGY DRAG, when you cannot update your website, events, products, services or offerings in real time… having to contact a webmaster who may get back to you in 48 hours or whenever… meanwhile, your passionate inspired moment passes… this can happen alot… this situation puts out the inner fires…

This seminar ignites and helps to stoke the inner fires… This three-day intensive is designed to help those who have a small business or small business idea, and are desiring to create a blog to facilitate events, mailing list, information, video and more.   Social networking and paypal are also valuable these days, and it’s useful  to be able to connect them to your website,  in a very effective way.

Facilitator Dieter Braun is known online as “Indian in the machine”, and has created several wordpress blogs, and has generated millions of view for his websites over the past 10 years.  Dieter has 4.5 years experience teaching Business Administration at the college level, including computer usage, small business entrepreneurship and marketing.   Dieter enjoys making up his world as he goes, and assists others to do the same. With his experience in sharing energy via the internet, he has figured out how to share more energy, with less administration.  Dieter’s monthly page views reach levels that many offices with numerous employees do not achieve… there are very creative reasons for this, and many tips will be shared in this seminar.

Time:  February 1-3  2015

Cost: $2000 (Excludes 4th day February 4th).

Location TBA:  Possibilities include nearby lodge within 30 min. of Calgary… accommodations not included. I can put you in contact with other students, if desired to share accommodations.

So by the end of it all, just like magic,  it is possible to have a fully functioning website/blog integrated with social media and/or video,  and your latest inspirations and entrepreneurial activities with video capabilities… and you are able to manage it as an ongoing creation, that will not limit you.

Enrollment is limited to 4.  Contact Dieter at indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

Diego Brawn



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