Nibiru Animation Video, As It Shifts Poles Twice As It Leaves Our Solar System

Nibiru Animation Video,  As It Shifts Poles Twice As It Leaves Our Solar System

Zetas say this is what earth will look like after pole shift… looks to me like my pithouse idea is a good one… I’m not sure what surface dwellers would do, without one… but hey, don’t let reality hit you in the head…

Nibiru/Planet X Update November 2014======Buy Shovel ======Dig Pithouse ======Soon Okay?

We Win… But Expect Turbulance

Just Like The Movies!!! Fireball Falls From The Sky And Hits Jeep In Arizona!!!

Archangel Michael: “Turbulent Years Ahead”

Indian in the machine

If you live in Canada, have land, and resonate with the pithouse idea, and would want to collaborate with others who are interested in surviving the end times, in comfort, safety and common sense, please feel free to drop me  a note of expression at, thanks Dieter. I do have readership who are somewhat prepared, and somewhat willing to assist others and our planet.

more research

From Zetatalk:

Konstantin has created animations for the Pole Shift scenarios. (Note these will become available one by one this forthcoming week).

Note the N Poles are indicated by a blue color, the S Poles by a red color, in accordance with the color scheme for magnetic poles used by the non-western half of the world, including China, Tibet, Turkey, southern Russia and Russia’s Far East, Mongolia, and northern Japan. The west uses a scheme which is the opposite.

Planet X 270 degree dual rolls below. The first roll occurs from the time Planet X enters the inner solar system, at a 32° angle from Orion pointing its N Pole into the S Pole of the Sun. Then it swings 180° about to point its N Pole outward toward the Earth. The second roll occurs during the Last Weeks, when the S Pole of Planet X pops directly up, going in opposition to the Sun’s magnetic flow lines. Then during the hour of the Pole Shift, when Planet X is starting to float outward from the Solar System, having pierced the Ecliptic, it does a 180° flip to point its N Pole upward. These dual 270° rolls are shown in this short animation.


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