US Cabal Gov’t Banned Phoenix Journal Reveals ET Secrets Of Hypnosis And Meditation

US Cabal Gov’t Banned Phoenix Journal Reveals ET Secrets Of Hypnosis And Meditation

This is one of the highest recommended reading I could offer, including the entire Pleiades Connection series… we can definitely change our world if we use hypnosis and meditation for our own benefit…

Hypnosis… let’s be real here… most people are ADDICTED to being hypnotized, and CRAVE IT… if you listen to illuminati music or watch tv or movies, that DEFINITELY includes you. Even the news will try to hypnotize you, that is why the background behind the newscaster is ALWAYS moving.

Meditation can only work if you DO NOT FOCUS… and instead DECENTRATE. You’ll have to read more, because I cannot summarize all the goodness found here…

Indian in the machine

Phoenix Jouranl 34
Download – 11.5 MB
View PDF File – 11.6 MB
By Violinio Germain, & Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton
190 Pages (110)
Germain stresses to us the importance of true meditation and gives excel-lent “how to” instruction to accomplish it and how to use it to control our lives. It is the most important of all the functions of human life which advances progress.
When you accomplish true meditation you are communicating directly with God for the purpose of knowingly working with Him.Two tapes are included with this book because written word instructions usually are not sufficient in helping you to accomplish the meditative state.

We are given the TRUE definition of love and prayer (not at all what most of us consider them to be) and the importance of understanding the true definitions so that we can improve our daily lives with this knowledge.

We are told what hypnosis is and best of all how to use self hypnosis for our benefit.

Man on Earth is transitioning into the Cosmic Age and to assist us some knowledge never before given to Earth marl Is being brought forth through these JOURNALS.

There are many other topics covered to assist us in our journey into the LIGHT.



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