Purchase A Holyday Gift From The Official Voice Of Heaven

Purchase A Holyday Gift From The Official Voice Of Heaven

Wow… this is an incredible opportunity to offer something to someone from the holydays, that isn’t made by slaves… or maybe it can be for yourself, if you struggle with being a loving open energy channel, and are tired of living as a darker cloud, and are now seeking a truer more authentic and powerful state of being.

… imagine talking to Ashtar, Sananda, Father/Mother God, or to learn Visual Centering, so that imbalanced states of being, can be a thing of the past, with lessons well learned…

Indian in the machine

Dear friends and beloved listeners,

It has been a wild ride, this channeling business with the Company of Heaven. Unfortunately, however, they do not operate on our 3-dimensional plane where time=money. I have loved every minute of this challenging work, and was more than willing to give up my private practice (aka security, mortgage payments, comfort, etc.) but as we all know, IT IS (not) DONE in the lower dimensions, and so we find ourselves in a dilemma after about 3 years of winging it. We would do it again, but to make it up we have a goal here.

I have never charged for the hundreds of shows and channeled messages. My work includes Visual Centering videos, channeling live on the radio show onBlogTalkRadio.com, written channeled messages, a YouTube channel with transcriptions, and written commentary concerning issues of personal development and raising one’s vibration to prepare for Ascension. “Who Needs Light?” is the book I have written to expand and guide this personal work.

I gave away a thousand books because it is a manual for ascension. The purpose of my work has always been to help free people so they can ascend. Thank God we received from time to time generous donations to support my manager of operations, Gabriella, to send our little one to school, and to manage our 3-D financial requirements, otherwise I would be doing the radio show in my car (just to give you a picture).

Last year we offered a gift certificate for an hour private session with me, Kathryn, which got rave reviews from the recipients. They are now available to be purchased if you wish to offer a life-changing gift to a loved one.

Our goal is to sell 200 gift certificates to restore our solvency, and to continue the work we love.

Here is an opportunity for you to introduce others to the loving and compassionate work we are doing together. Let me show your loved ones a glimpse into what is possible for them.

I have often been told this is a life-changing event in a person’s life that opens them up to a world of possibilities. Let them experience a private session in person or on Skype or Face time. The recipient can specify either Visual Centering (see description below*), a channeling session from Masters, Guides or Higher Self, or a psychotherapy/counseling session about personal issues.

You can purchase the certificate via PayPal to kemay@aol.com ($250)

Please send an email to GabriellaWNL@outlook.com with the names for the gift certificate, the way you want the names to appear:
to __________ From:_________.

We will send it back to you via email!

With love and appreciation, and blessings to you and your family for the Holiday Season,

Kathryn and Gabriella

*The Essential Aspects of Visual Centering:

By breathing into the center of your brain and moving your point of focus into the center of your brain where all faculties come together (vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, intuition, etc) you take up your stance in the center of operations which allows you to function optimally. It is the neurological center of the adult brain. This is achieved over time by practicing looking into a mirror, and by coaching instructions by the instructor. The learning process is different for everyone.

Visual Centering literally changes the way you see the world. It is like turning on the light in the center of your brain. It allows you to leave behind old survival patterns, to achieve peak performance as a way of life. You will be inspired, creative, open to new ideas, spontaneity and fun.

By learning to focus and use your eyes anew, you learn to process information differently, rewiring your brain to see with accuracy and precision. This allows you a new sense of command, balance and peace of mind where you connect directly from your heart to Source and to the Earth.

The shadow of old childhood feelings like fear, trauma, stress, sadness and lack of love melt away when you live in the geographical location where you connect to the power of your true self. When you learn to live there, you live in love, peace, joy and harmony with All That Is.



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