A ‘Secret’ Strategy To Acquire Land With NO Money

A ‘Secret’ Strategy To Acquire Land With NO Money

Hello there new and existing readers of similar resonance… It is me… “Indian in the machine“.  I have learned a secret to acquire land with no money.    I want to share with you this secret…. believe me, I’m chomping at the bit, to tell you.    When you apply this secret to your own life, it will change your life for all eternity… is that long enough?… after you read this story, you may know these words to be true. 

Are you interested??? I know I am.

If you know anything about me, you will know that I enjoy helping to free up energy… it is irresistible to me… it is irresistible for me to help people….not that I don’t discriminate because I do…

I see so many struggle like me, beyond the financial means to actually have land to build something meaningful.  Our financial system right now is not in Universal Law, even more so, our system of acquiring land is clearly geared to reward greed, and to penalize beings who are service-to-others, to the point we here in Canada have developed a two-tiered system, that generally rewards those who are service to themselves, (hello Alberta tar sands), and penalizes those who are free beings who are service-to-others.

Let’s face it…  it’s not about people being ‘lazy’…. the entire system and planet are literally held hostage to a value that we allow landowners to jack up the value of land so much, that even those who live on this planet, cannot afford to live here based on how money is commonly valued… do you know what I mean? For real? Here in Canada, and in extreme cases like in BC or many towns in SK  for instance… visitors from Alberta, who like those towns, drive up the value of homes to the point, that only visitors can afford to own those homes, which are often EMPTY FOR MOST OF THE YEAR, that have price tags that are not reflected in local wages.  I figured how to move beyond that… it’s all in my story I’m going to share with you, and it is so simple, and easy to ‘get’, that when you ‘get it’, you will be empowered forever! To have land to build your dreams upon, no matter what the local economy is saying.

Okay why the build up?

Listen… I want to share this secret and I will… but please hear me out… my current readers/followers… they resonate with me yes and I with them, but the regular crowds I have shared gold with in the past, do not provide enough sharing, to adequately sustain my basic needs.  I made a decision long ago that I would to help out here on planet earth… the mission was carved out around the time the Third Grand Experiment was announced…  many of us now resonating together now have a mark on our hearts, that says ‘more is possible’…  part of me enjoys working out certain issues just because…. well, because I can, and because I want to… listen… and for real for I have no time for fake frienamies… I am willing to share the ‘secrets’ of the multiverse, which are not secrets, but merely all that stuff that is beyond ‘knowledge’… you know what I mean? I do not hold my past readers ‘judged’ for if they do not feel deep inside to not exchange appropriate energy with me or any of their helpers, that is fine…  the I move beyond that situation and perhaps even those, which I see as making attempts to energetically ‘limit’ me… (yes my psychic abilities are much stronger now) and thus, those energies are not attractive to me right now.  The last thing I want around me is anybody’s greed, let alone mine, and the constant of drone of discouragement… believe me, I know about discourage and courage very well… Hey if you are still in limitation, that is fine, but don’t expect me to help your ego to build your monuments.   If you’re strongly in ego, this whole plan I am about to share, will backfire on you anyways, because you may have something in your energy field that others do NOT want to resonate with.

Isn’t it interesting that often those who do not hold the physical world in higher esteem than the spiritual world,  are great at gifting, and are natural leaders.  We do not come from matter… we come from anti-matter… does this matter? Yes…

I am wise yes, but I have no intention of collecting a bunch of followers for my cult… Jesus didn’t want to be followed… he didn’t create a cult, and neither do I desire to be in cult of mine or anyone’s creation.

I’m seeking resonance with spirits who are willing and/or desiring to achieve ‘unlimited’ status… in that, they do not constantly throw barriers in front of everything!!!!  I do not pretend to not be annoyed by that… Have you ever had people around you who are constantly throwing up barriers, like they are helping you out??… Welcome to our collective world dear ones…

I am not one of those beings who is throwing you a barrier right now… I am rare for the majority.  I will never endeavour to control you… I am too awake to be entertained by having a bunch of sock puppets around me as a sign of my success… question everything yes but have it come from a place to desire rather than to discredit truth… are you feeling I’m the real deal here, because I am, and I have absolutely nothing to prove, and most certainly do not need to take anyone’s energy… I am desiring our shared resonance to have freedom of expression in all it’s forms including the whole money thingy. 🙂

I am aware that I help thousands of people and trillions of galactic souls with my sharings… well, even more than that…. I am, and we are, masters of the universe if we desire to not live life by throwing up barriers everywhere, like life on earth is one big ‘barrier party’. Many earth relationships are still built on this story: “I love you… have a barrier I created just for you”…. often we tell this story to the one in the mirror looking back at us.

If you constantly throw up barriers to yourself and everyone else like you are helping out… don’t beat yourself up… but learn to stop it… for the survival of your own species, because it does run that deep even if you know it or not.

I’m joyed by what I am about to share with you… but what I am not joyed by, is that I am living below minimum wage sharing the wisdom of our Creator and the teachings of our returning master teacher Sananda… imagine a planet, where the keepers of wisdom, do not even meet minimum wage standards…. and you do not need to imagine it, because humanity overall has created it… we are here dear ones…. we are here right in the doo-doo… because you certainly may have seen at times,  how YOUR wisdom too, has little or any value in the world…strange planet eh? Just look at how that experience causes so many to go just a little more quiet… into a soul cage… but no soul cage here… this bird is free and has a song or two to sing…

I have memory of a past lifetime where wisdom was recognized as essential… the tribes naturally saw their shaman or the wise ones in their presence, as being an extreme benefit, not a penalty… how often have you come to my table, and then acted as if life handed you a penalty… and yet you keep coming back?… Nowadays but ever changing, wisdom is often a penalty on our planet…. watch for it… in other times in history, people recognized and honoured wisdom, as the essence of the three-fold flame of the heart (wisdom, power and love).  I’m sure you have had experience where your wisdom, caused great scorn somewhere… I’m sure if you are breaking free in some aspect of life… somewhere, someone was not impressed with your wisdom, and sought to shut you up with their silent energy field that often  speaks louder than people realize…. doesn’t it sensitive ones? Hey I don’t even mind licking a few wounds in public… people even seem to like it somehow, because much more healing takes place than just mine…

People often falsely think they are being real and sensible, but in reality, they are being non-magical, with a blocked heart to boot, both keys to having NO wisdom whatsoever… not even recognizing wisdom in others… but just feeding and maybe even criticizing the wisdom keepers… moving from the next, to the next in an endless search for self. People with blocked hearts, often see those with unblocked hearts as being flaky… who exactly is acting flaky? It is the one that play by the rules, but doesn’t even know what game they are playing, or why they are playing it.

So my speal is to simply say, if this info. resonates, then please reach into your pocket with joy and not fear, and see if there is something there for your wise brother, who has just lifted you up to higher ground… if you can do this, it can be just like the old days… and we will be stronger together… have you noticed how you too, are becoming irritated with competition?

I have not treated you like a beggar for wanting my wisdom for free, because I obviously enjoy freely sharing what seems to be needed, it seems the universe has placed three souls behind my eyes… I don’t need your money or spare change… if you feel I jingle my tin can for your spare change then you  are off the mark… I jingle my can to see if there is any heart there, or just deadness… because I do love what I do, and I wish to do more, over and above any lingering feelings of saying “fuck it, I’ll just show my tits to pay the bills”… okay I’m being silly here, but do you know that feeling of selling out to money… it’s generally an empty feeling isn’t it? If I were to do anything for the money, then I would not be typing these words right now, I’d be elsewhere.

Okay so… we’re excited, and we’re both anticipating that I will share the secret… no? I’m excited.

Remember when white man came to North America, and brown man had to save their asses, so that they wouldn’t die, and then white man turned on brown man, and decided his saviours needed to die, and brown man was stunned because he had never known such evil, and that stunned feeling left them open to attack…? Pssst… it’s brown man… Now that I have your fuller attention…well… it’s happening even right now and the masses are the new brown man… that is one aspect of what this secret is all about…  if I’m going to help you to save your ass, please do not worship me or whip me if you feel so inclined for either, because that’s what humanity is taught to do… to whip the “good guys”, and worship you know who…. you do not need any more false idols or slaves, than you may already have, so many of the average people living average lives, are steeped in false idol music and entertainment. Let’s simply peacefully co-exist together… no one is slave… no one is a master of anything other than self.

I believe that I could actually make my living sharing wisdom…  but we are in an environment that doesn’t reward wisdom… just look at where your tax dollars go and you see, wisdom generally doesn’t have a budget on our planet, but if you’re willing to trick people, then you are called, “honourable”.

This is big ancestral clearing stuff and thank you for your own efforts to clear the ancestral ‘old tapes’…. it is a very big gift to offer Creation, they want to know how we will do it… we know that some of our countries are founded on brown brother being visited and betrayed by fake friends… we know that don’t we? I do not want that legacy to continue with our great works both here and to come. I’m so relieved that humanity is learning how to never be fooled… we’re in the greatest con in the history of the universe, if you want a rather large clue… earth is not a matrix that is easy to figure out… but we are figuring it out… it’s what we came here to do… not one real (not cloned) human came to earth without a mission.

Okay I’m not sending you ‘light and love’ here in a superficial way… this stuff is for real and perhaps even harsh sounding, if you are used to living lies without second guessing who, what where when and why.

I AM going to share my story… okay I’m having fun with this buildup… it is very healing for me to express these words… you’ve been shocked too by humanity, I know you have… I too, have been very ‘shocked’by humanity too in my own special way… it is my intention that no one be limited by anything or anyone… In North America for example, but all over the world, you generally don’t see greed being taught in native values… not that native country doesn’t have to deal with greed… it is an issue affecting us all… Natives  of the world, have not conspired to take over all of you… we are generally not promoting the brainwashing of the world to accept a new world chaos-based order, where we control all of you based on fabricated events that are presented as real news…  so you might want to put some trust in us… some faith, if you struggle with helping out with native oppression in all it’s forms… remember that the one that is most repressed, is the one that comes up with endless excuses to not share energy.

Ultimately, if you want to know what your limitations are, ask yourself not me… or rather, just pay attention to how you behave, that is completely out of touch with your words and true feelings.

The Keys Out Of The Maze… from P.J. #34, and our master teacher, Sananda.

Allrighty… and now the story,…

How I am acquiring land for my use, with no money….

Due to my high level of awareness, I am definitely aware that our systems are ‘going down’ shall we say…  we’ve got major planetary turbulence right now… magnetic… it has already changed the weather… and yet ‘the event’ is not quite here but it is certainly at our doorstep.   An  ‘event’ happens every 3600 years by which a large celestial body that we cannot see, has an orbit and a debris trail, that brings in great change for our solar system and planet…. some call this system Nibiru or Planet X, or ‘the destroyer’…

Nibiru has been in our solar system for years already since 2003!… The increase in meteors is proof… the solar winds shifting is proof…. there are pictures too, but this field is highly censored by those who don’t like sharing or caring, and they are rewarded to trick people, so that the illuminati can take over the planet for good… you can see them plotting can you not?

One of the previous times Nibiru came by, was during the time of Noah’s ark… also, can you see how movies and such, reflect several different end time scenarios? It is no accident.

This time, the passage of Nibiru, is going to bring flooding yes, and already is… but it is said by higher forces of light, that this change would bring on a primary cleansing by fire, rather than a cleansing by water.

Our galactics recommend that we go underground to deal with these times… hence the pithouse idea.

I decided that I wanted to build a native-inspired pithouse.  (more pics)


Pithouses are very earthquake proof…. you could literally withstand a rather large nearby surface explosion, and would barely even notice it.  Pithouses are very warm too… nothing like low or non-existent heating bills eh?  No harmful offgassing of a petrochemical based environment…A basic pithouse is how enlightened beings live on other planets… a symbiotic relationship, rather than being at constant odds with your own planet, including not even being able to afford, what is an unhealthy living standard anyways.

I began to choose areas where I wanted to build my pithouse.

I place a several ads like this:  “Native Pithouse: Shamanic man wants to build one on your land, and live in it… preparing for systems coming down, not much time”

That’s it…

*****Then the offers came in…*****

Neat eh?

Isn’t that cool how we must give a voice for our dreams, if we expect others to resonate with it? It’s about putting some spirit there no?

I didn’t have to go to the banks for money to buy land… I simply needed to give a voice to my dream.   I caught myself when I thought I needed money for my dream… but that was someone else’s voice speaking through me… I know now I do not need money to acquire land for my use…

The key here is that it’s about having authentic resonance that allows a person to send out clear messages.

Enjoy the ongoing deconstruction of disempowering value systems.  Are you able to work knowingly with God and His messengers? Or are you still in the whole illuminati mindframe, of pushing God aside, for so-called ‘fun’… chelas, it might seem fun to bang your head against a wall, but is it? If your life is lived from the mind not heart, and all about ‘things’ and not people… that’s okay, you’re not a bad person, misguided possibly, but not evil… none of us are evil at our core.

So with that, thanks for tuning in… and if you’ve got some land to share for a pithouse…. my email is indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca and you can use the nickname, “Noah the dreamer”. 🙂   In Noah’s dream, he freely offers the infinite knowledge that flows through him… the bills are paid… no one controls another with a contract or ‘selling one’s soul’… it’s a good dream and Noah sticks to it… by the way, Noah is a great cook, and when he drums and goes on his walkabout, sometimes the sky opens up above him and the sky spirits come out to play… Noah photographed ancient Hindu Deities, Shiva and Ganesh… who probably appeared because Noah’s spirit likes to share. Watch for the native people of the world, to help out, even in spite of the past… watch for all people of the world to help out, in spite of the future painted by those, who are soooo poor, in that all they do have is money and things, and little else. Believe me, my life’s works IS to assist the planet to simply discard the whole money thing eventually… but we’re in a world that is slow to change as we change more quickly individually, than our collective can deal with…

Indian in the machine 

Indian’$ hat

“One of our people in the Native community said the difference between white people and Indians is that Indian people know they are oppressed but don’t feel powerless. White people don’t feel oppressed, but feel powerless. Deconstruct that disempowerment. Part of the mythology that they’ve been teaching you is that you have no power. Power is not brute force and money; power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you. Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth.”  ― Winona LaDuke

“One of our people in the Native community said the difference between white people and Indians is that Indian people know they are oppressed but don’t feel powerless. White people don’t feel oppressed, but feel powerless. Deconstruct that disempowerment. Part of the mythology that they’ve been teaching you is that you have no power. Power is not brute force and money; power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you. Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth.”
― Winona LaDuke





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