And Then God Suddenly Moved Earth (Changing The Timelines Of Photon Belt, Nibiru And Endtimes)?

You are the center of the universe by KeswickPinhead

And Then God Suddenly Moved Earth (Changing The Timelines Of Photon Belt, Nibiru And Endtimes)?

Have joy in not limiting your Creator, or anyone, that is the only way to figure things out the Divine plan

Many awakening humans have been studying things for years, trying to figure things out.  Many are coming into heart knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, from Nibiru, Photon Belt, the numerous conspiracies against humanity and so on… and there has been lots to keep us busy…

Now I want you to imagine that so much has changed that much of what we have come to know is already yesterday’s news.

I’m writing these words to present you with the most tantalizing conspiracy of the now… well, it’s not a conspiracy per se, instead it seems like a conspiracy because it’s so “koo-koo” sounding… let us not stop there, for the real “koo-koo” sound is what we give off, when we demand that reality conforms to our latest imaginings. Congratulations if you are able to figure out the conspiracy that is so big that it involves our Creator, and that few can comprehend it.

Creator has many magic tricks to show humanity… there have been hints coming out from channeled messages about this latest magic trick which may be now this:


Here is the latest message talking about this… from “manuscript of survival”:

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but again, it is simply to allow you to better take in the underlying message in this message. For as we have already repeated repeatedly, what this contains is something that far surpasses the mere wording of it, and as such, we need at times to make these rather circuitous routes in order to better help you to get the gist of the message. And the gist of this message is simply this: you are no longer where you used to be, and neither is this planet that you live upon. And the same goes for your immediate surroundings. For you have already changed the very fabric of the Universe to such a degree, nothing can ever be the same again. And remember, these changes come about in a way that will be hard to define from a human’s standpoint, but it will be very easily identified when you look upon it from our point of view. For we can see that the very basics that your world has been build upon has already been changed, and so, the algorithms are indeed brand new. On the outside, it may not look like much, merely a few scattered numerals that have shifted ever so slightly over a period of a few days, but what these slight changes will in effect do, is to set off a cascade of rippling effects that will tear away all of the old and restricting cocooning material that you have been swaddled in, almost like the ancient peoples used to do to safeguard their deceased.

In other words, the ripples will spread out from these minuscule gashes in that old fabric, the fabric that was woven with so much care in order for you to strain and struggle against it until the day you finally opened your eyes and opened your hearts and realized, that the only way to end the struggle is simply to surrender to the powers that you carry within you, the ones that have been there all along, waiting for you to rediscover their presence at the very core of your being. And then, this process of unraveling the old illusion in order to fully set free not just you, but the whole and glorious truth of who ALL of you are began to come alive in such a way, there is no way now anyone can stop this old cocoon from dissolving completely.”

Why are so many channeled messages hinting about earth becoming the centre of the galaxy, then universe, then multiverse?

Because it is true?

Why has earth moved to the centre of the universe (and then to the centre of the multiverse)?

The third grand experiment has been very influencial in our cosmos.

Earth is becoming the crown jewel of the multiverse as a fullfillment of cosmic prophecy.

This is crazy talk ain’t it?


It is never crazy to limit our Creator… crazy talk IS limiting our Creator.

Okay I’ll go with this for a while hmmmmm….

Me to… we’re all making this up as we go.

So what about the photon belt, what about Nibiru?

Look at it this way, if we have changed positions in our sector of the universe, then we have been effectively plucked out of harm’s way, out of any scenario… things like Nibiru may still play out, but face it… things that were supposed to happen, still may happen… events have been dragged out.  There will still be earth changes… and so on… ET visitation… a new renaissance of everything… but we won’t be in the “old part of the neighbourhood”.

Why isn’t this more obvious?

This new reality is being introduced in a way that is not jolting, as well, neither shall ignorance shall continue to be attractive on any level.

What are we seeing ‘out there’?

It could be a potential hologram, ALL OF IT beyond earth!!!…until time itself dissolves which it is…

Why would be now be living in a hologram?

The purpose of the hologram is to give humans a little bit more learning time in the playground so to speak… these are last moments in the playground before a huge shift in consciousness.

This strange scenario is coinciding with the timelines that is a slower timeline for ascension.

What remains is that everything is playing out as it seemed to be, before earth changed positions.

Are our lives really like the Truman Show?

Our lives have been like the Truman Show anyways… the movie had lots of accuracy in it, regarding the metaphor that there are beings on the other side of the veil of awareness, who are guiding us and watching us from behind the scenes… our lives are being transmitted live to the cosmos.

Oh my God, for real?

Yes for real, right now even, the mic is on.

What would you like to say, now that earth is the centre of the universe?

Gosh!… Really, I don’t believe it?  

You don’t have to believe it, the mic is still on.

Oh okay.

Don’t get me wrong… there may still be an ‘end times scenario’ playing out, but it is playing out because that’s what humans have programmed themselves for.

So the earth or solar system could have moved, and yet nothing really looks different?

Well, there will certainly be clues to all of this but the element of doubt shall be intact for a few moments longer.

What now?

Watch for more hints that earth has moved.

Watch for new energies activating all lifeforms towards a new reality.

Watch for everything continuing to shift.

We can see the animals becoming more friendly… and also rebellious against being caged… the same is with humans… all human are now on the path to be free, or they are free, or they do not want to be free.

Remember that you are in a matrix… it’s all an illusions but love, and there does not need to be confusion but there is… earth is a tough matrix to comprehend.

How may things play out now from here?

From here it depends on you, the human reading these words… this is our matrix… will you control the matrix, or will you allow it to control you?

Here’s a dip deeper into this theory…

The Centre of the Universe in Kamloops, British Columbia

“There are many interesting sites you can visit in the Kamloops area and one of them is a short trip to the Centre of the Universe. The experience at the Centre of the Universe is not an attraction as you may think of one. This is a very spiritual place where people will come away with an experience based very much on what they believe in. Do not expect admission turnstiles and hotdog stands or souvenir shops. It is a quiet, rustic and isolated spot and we recommend that visitors do some research prior to visiting to have realistic expectations of what they will see and experience.

History of the Centre of the Universe

Over 25 years ago, in 1980 on a snowy November day, a mysterious man dressed completely in white robes arrived at Vidette Lake in Deadman Valley 30 kilometres east and 50 kilometers north of Kamloops. He claimed to have found the Centre of the Universe and introduced himself to the then owner of the Vidette Lake Gold Mine Resort in Kamloops, British Columbia. Not knowing what was happening, the owner replied “Welcome my friend,” and invited him into his cabin, a former 1860’s Fur Trading Post.

The mysterious man turned out to be an apprentice monk who had been sent from San Francisco to verify the existence of the Centre of the Universe. Tibetan monks believe that the Centre of the Universe is located on the earth and using a series of tests, it can be verified. The Rinpoche, or Master Teacher, in San Francisco had simply pointed to a location on a map that he had never seen and claimed that it was the spot. He then sent the apprentice to the Kamloops area and on to Vidette Lake to conduct a series of tests. This was the white-robed man who showed up in 1980.

Once the apprentice monk had conducted a few tests and it was determined that this could very well be the Centre of the Universe, he returned to report back to his Master Teacher. The next visit that occurred was in 1984 and this time the Master Teacher and an entourage of followers attended. At the end of the tests including the calming of spirits by burning aromatic fuel in a fire, it was verified that this spot, on top of a grassy knoll with a commanding view of the valley and lake, was the Centre of the Universe.

Tests that passed when verifying the authenticity of the Centre of the Universe included geographic characteristics, shaped like the prow of a ship, pointed south, and sloping from north downwards to the south. Other tests include the spontaneous starting of a fire without an ignition source and the sounds of choral singing.”

More clues

Earth… Now A Few Steps Away From The Centre Of The Universe? What Is Going On???

“The Event” Clue Via “The One”: Earth Will Become Centre Of Universe And Multiverse

Creator Speaks On New Growth And Expansion In This Universe

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Galactic Federation On: 1.Global Currency Reset Update 2. Magnetic Flux Brain, Blood And Heart Health Effects

Okay, so while this is a wild potential… let us not do what humans always do, which is to limit our Creator, and therefore, limit each other.

If we are in a grand story… one of the greatest stories ever told… then there are bound to be chapters in that story, where what was true in one chapter, is discovered to be an illusion an other chapter… and over and over again…

Have joy in not limiting your Creator, or anyone, that is the only way to figure things out the Divine plan. Remember in galactic terms… we are each characters in a Truman show with 7.5 billion main characters, who are discovering the holographic nature of our reality, that has a very very unusual ending… the most surprising ending of all… no one can claim to know that ending, and even Creator makes things up as He/She/It goes.

Indian in the machine


2 thoughts on “And Then God Suddenly Moved Earth (Changing The Timelines Of Photon Belt, Nibiru And Endtimes)?

  1. I have seen the moon changes, crescent at the bottom or to the side oddly. I have seen other planetary bodies next to and behind the moon. I have seen same near the sun and latter in day time sky and my daughter was with me. Most I saw thru my telescope and my digg camera. That’s how I was able to be present to see the sky ships. We are now following your de-acidify and detox recommendations now. I also see the sun rise red or bright orange on my way to class in mornings. The star’s look different as if they are farther out from Earth. My daughter and I feel the same body changes and pains at the same time. Even odd dizzy swaying, that makes us feel sick for just moments.

  2. I lived 12 miles from Canadian border.B.C. for many years – off and on – my parents had 33 acres there w/view of Mt. Baker spewing her clouds…
    I think I heard that the next in line for the Tibetan holy MAN line was found in Seattle…………………….where are the searches for the FEMALE leader?? Just wondering…………….much love, eli

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