Making something natural, illegal, is like making breathing illegal…

This doesn't make much sense does it...
Collective Evolution

Making Nature Illegal Is Like Making Breathing Illegal…I Choose World Tribal Consciousness vs. The Cult Of The Few

… collecting rainwater illegal?

… doesn’t make sense really… any of what is proposed by those against life itself, eventually becomes outright silly and childish… just because you choose someone as a leader does not mean that they align with you or life or are even human.


 “Affirmation… Dear God… how did we end up with Stephen Harper? Oh right, I forgot… we were distracted away into shopping, sports, toys, traffic, holidays, tim horton’s lineups, and decorating channels…  but I digress God… and I affirm that I have been pissed off with leadership including you God… but since you’re God you probably already know that… thank you for allowing me to live in this limited environment while being pissed off at you and everyone else, while everyone generally feels the same… God how did I get here to earth? … this place where even nature is illegal… humans… poop… chickens…  feeding humans… you name it…. illegal… while frankenfoods are put on sale and forced on the public, who are forced to pay for war. God thanks for this wackadoodle earth experience…. I now join hands with you, and we knock this 3D reality gently into oblivion… I choose crystal cities over walmart… and telepathy over the cellphone… I choose world tribal consciousness vs. the cult of the few… I choose to envision the planet surrounded by the violet flame, rather than infested with dark… God please awaken me further towards complete consciousness…  but gentle… fast and easy and bring on the free energy…. I will be more diligent to resonate with the unique expression that I am… so be it!”

This doesn’t make much sense does it…
Collective Evolution

One thought on “Making something natural, illegal, is like making breathing illegal…

  1. Using things like mould as a weapon on your own brothers and sisters is the most wrong thing i have witnessed as a citizen of Australia… I have been poisoned by my crooked landlord. And then called crazy by the medical professionals that are failing to treat me for the intoxication. Crooks are everywhere and if you can’t see them, you will feel there presents. Its become shameful. Stand up for your HUMAN RIGHTS. We all have them.

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