Montreal Superhero “Lightstep” Comments On Police State And 1200 Missing Native Women

Montreal Superhero “Lightstep” Comments On Police State And 1200 Missing Native Women

LightStep is very skeptical of the police, and that is one of their motivations to go on patrol, in the hopes that the project will turn into something bigger. “The police state is encroaching, there’s an increasing militarization of the police, an increasing crackdown of our rights and freedoms, especially in the wake of all this terrorist jingoism. Two dead soldiers from terrorist attacks, and 1,200 missing and murdered indigenous women and [they say] it’s not sociological?” LightStep says indignantly.​​”

IITM:  Watch for more real life heroes to appear in the streets and in the mirror. :)

In San Diego, ‘superheroes’ patrol the streets

It’s late Saturday night on the streets of San Diego. People dressed head-to-toe in superhero outfits are patrolling the streets. With names like “Midnight Highwayman,” “Freedom Fighter” and “Vigilante Spider,” members of this citizen patrol group hope to make the streets safer.

The group calls itself the “Xtreme Justice League” and was founded in 2006. Made up of students, security officers and former service members, the assemblage looks strange and comic. But the group takes itself quite seriously. According to its Web site, members are trained in “citizen’s arrest, martial arts, basic first aid, conflict resolution and scenario training.”


Affirmation (feel these words from the centre of your brain connecting to the centre of your heart… we slow our breathing….) ”We send all superheros of the Light, even more Light and Love…. We demand a peaceful resolution to all unreasonable demands for our energy… we realize that we can all be powerful together in an unlimited environment.  We can be wise together… we can be powerful together… we can be love together… we can be One with the Cosmos… so be it.”    Indian in the machine


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