Enough Of The Colonialism: I Enjoy Bringing Up The Money Issue… Here’s Why!

Diego Brawn

Enough Of The Colonialism: I Enjoy Bringing Up The Money Issue… Here’s Why!

Thanks to those resonating souls, who have heard me as an equal… thank you to Daeran, and Maria, for your heartfelt support, which has helped to provide for the many on this website until Friday.

I don’t believe anyone is  that poor that they can’t bring a dish to the buffet we are both eating at… but many eat my food and never help me to replenish it, while criticizing me for all sorts of reasons, calling me a fraud.  You’d be surprised the letters I receive that I do not print.  There are generalities of those who hang around me, while being unsupportive…

-Non-native, or lacking in any comprehension of tribal values.

-They tend to have retirement/investments funds, and feel money is more important than people



-Not demonstrating brotherhood or sisterhood except in theory, or in superficiality

-Not demonstrating bravery, prefer for others to be brave, while they watch for a safe distance

-Not demonstrating a basic understanding of the war we’re still in, and that ignorance perpetuates

-The conspiracy is truly too large for them to perceive

-Not a clear relationship or understanding of the spirit world

-Not a clear understanding of basic universal law

-These ones do not come to the assistance of their people or planet for any reason

-Definitely not service to others… definitely service-to-self

-No real history or experience of exchanging fair energy  with native people in general.

So if you feel I get frustrated on this issue… you are correct… enough of the colonialism eh!

History has shown us a lesson that native people get taken advantage of, because we are naturally generous… and we have trouble comprehending that people come to the circle, not as equals but as vultures and opportunists…. look at Alberta’s oil sands industry as one example of how so many people  can poison so much native land via the oil sands, and not give a rat’s ass… while of course… criticizing the natives.  We can in fact see that many ‘good investments’, are at the expense of native people  who do not comprehend the corporate way… think harmful mining, fracking… diverting water for energy generation etc… Then to top it off, people drive up the prices of houses, so that no one, can really afford to live on their own native land, without working for a corporation or the government.

It’s interesting that I ended up upbeat and helpful through all of this… and continue to do so…. toot toot!!

Thank you, it feels good to express this,




5 thoughts on “Enough Of The Colonialism: I Enjoy Bringing Up The Money Issue… Here’s Why!

  1. Dieter, it would be so much easier to send a donation if there was a link on this site. If it’s there I keep missing it! I love you and all of your unselfish ways of giving. Please direct me to where I can use PAYPAL

      1. Hey Dieter,

        Long time no see

        Dig your site

        It’s me Jim from Gea’s old site Snoedel

        Tried emailing her some time ago but address was out of service

        I’ll be checkin’ in with ya bro

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