Magical Drumming Towards Unlimitation Of The Tribe: More On Indian in the machine’s Magical Spirit Drum Tour Winter 2015

Magical Drumming Towards Unlimitation, Healing, Ancestral Clearings, And Ascension Activations.

More On Indian in the machine’s Magical Spirit Drum Tour Winter 2015




Planning… planting seeds…

Indian in the machine (Dieter Braun) is an international and internet sound and frequency healer, blogger, trance drummer, and sky spirit photographer.  Indian works with his three oversouls, to create magical spiritual drum and chant experiences, that can often result in a deep profound experience for the listeners.

“I am now booking for Canada winter 2015 Magical Spirit Drum Tour (January-April)… magical spirit drum gatherings, sound healing demonstrations, public speaking and workshops on spiritual and new transformation health, ancestral clearings, and more.  I seek resonance with those who are also on a path towards unlimitation…”

All offers and guidance now under consideration.  I am sending out my intentions in spirit in this manner,  I hope to connect with many gatherings and energies already organizing… perhaps there is synergy?  Got tips or at least desire to plant a seed, or synergize with your existing energy experiments… other like-spirited artists… Contact Dieter at


We are galactic souls awakening… someone us, doing so before the others to follow…

“I have over 10 years sharing knowledge with the public on health,  sky spirit photography, ascension,  Sananda, Galactic Federation of Light, new fifth dimensional colours and much more.  My blog Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission has garnered over 6.5 million views. There are over 200 youtube videos… I do receive visitation from spiritual energies.

Indian has photographed Ganesh and Shiva… which are two ancient dieties revered by millions of people through many generations.

“I enjoy sharing my  air elemental  and sky spirit photography, which has helped many people to comprehend the new sky energies.”

Indian in the machine sells and distributes ionic foot bath plates on his website, “I have continued to resonate with the spiritual and physical aspects of ionic foot baths and even sell the ionic foot bath plates on my site.


What do people say about Indian in the machine’s magic drumming?

One aspect of my mission that has not conveyed well over the internet, is the magical aspect to my drumming… energy does seem to get “different” hehe…  it often goes beyond words… I remember at the last spirit expo I attended, a few professional women went into a profound subconscious trance complete with visions, after only a few minutes of a complementary sound healing experience… it is very rewarding service, this magical spirit drum thing.

“God love you, Dieter, you should know that you and your drums and the female singers opened some very divine programming into the earth grid…mama is very pleased. A who’s who of the astral realms were in attendence, you should be proud of what you’ve done, without you I wouldn’t have figured out how to open the “Keys”… 🙂

Dreamt that night of being in labour, of pain and rocking back and forth to release the pressure- it won’t be long now, not to worry, all is in divine order :)”

Other comments

“Thank you… you are an amazing drummer… you have energized me.”

“I enjoyed the vibrations of souls in unity”

“Thank you for everything… much appreciated brother.”

“This rocked!  My drum played itself which was so cool – felt like the ancient were playing with it ;)”

“Thank you for bringing me back to where i was, a truly pleasant experience.”

“Great energy!”

(Guest artist Calgary Drum Circle )

Magical Spirit Drum Tour: Levels of support and magic exchange

Here are some opportunities be a supporter of the Magical Spirit Drum Tour:

Magical Spirit Drum Tour – Angel Supporter

Magical Spirit Drum Tour – Warrior Supporter

Magical Spirit Drum Tour – Electric Supporter

Magical Spirit Drum Tour – Soul Supporter

Drumbirth at the Broadway Theatre Saskatoon 2008 (Notice the orbs?)


Thanks for tuning in 🙂

Indian in the machine

Tour contact:



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