Listen To The Amazing PEACEFUL Witnesses Of Ongoing “Meteor”-Related Disclosure

Listen To The Amazing PEACEFUL Witnesses Of  Ongoing “Meteor”-Related Disclosure

From the American Meteor Society website that documents many unusual sky sightings… I have noticed one thing… the absence of panic…by the descriptions of what may turn out to be 1. ET craft sightings via green and other coloured “meteors“, mixed in with 2. Actual sightings of real meteors… it seems humanity is taking a realistic and grounded approach… good on us!!  We deserve to be supported in the environment for the peacefilled beings we naturally are… watch the sky for your personal spaceship visitation, all leading up to something… the next level.

Listen to peaceful… peaceful… and more peaceful… the sounds of peaceful disclosure…

In a word: AWESOME. I live for these experiences! I regret there being cloud cover…

The fireball got my attention as the light first looked like bright lighting that you…

It was real quick and large but so beautiful. I just hope it was a…

That was too cool for words!

it was something to see i was in the car and stop in the middle…

Neat experience

Looked like a firework falling to the ground. Extremely bright and green.

it was the most awesome sky event i have ever, ever seen

bright white Crisp. It was like a big explosion coming towards me. …

It really confused me at first…I have never seen anything like this…very amazing..beautiful..

VERY bright and VERY green. …and VERY cool!

This thing was awesome. I’ve never seen one that bright.

this was an amazing experience. have never seen anything like this. ever. ! makes u…

I initially thought it was the biggest and brightest shooting star I’d ever seen! Pretty…

It was beautiful and over before I could register it in my brain

it was an AWESOME sight! just beautiful and truly magical! I sat and wanted…

It was beautiful. Wish I would have caught it on camera but I was driving…

was very large and disappeared fast and seemed very close such a beautiful sight in…

More… From AMS:

Folks… I only went back two days worth of comments to realize that many are witnessing something very beautiful.. awesome and inspiring… this is great news worth sharing, since many of us believe that we would all be scared shitless… it isn’t the case…  “Dear God sent peaceful beings in the sky… with peace in my heart I reach out to your peace… land soon and let’s party okay???”

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