Yes We Are In A Reality Show Hologram, Televised To The Multiverse, And Earth Is Becoming A Bluestar

Yes We Are In A Reality Show Hologram, Televised To The Multiverse, And Earth Is Becoming A Bluestar

Yes We Are In A Reality Show Hologram, Televised To The Multiverse, Where Earth Is Turning Into A Blue Star
We are in a reality show, where few know the nature of the reality show, where the entire planet has become like an Indian reservation, except few realize it… you will know you are deeply ingrained in this reservation when you have distracted unconscious experiences… living on automatic,… yes we are all actors in this reality show of illusions and distractions…. yes distractions are fun but are not that fulfilling to the soul, leaving one empty for more distractions… distractions ain’t gonna free you from the reservation… what will free you from the reservation is the last place most earthlings look… to the centre of our hearts in full presence… if we can go deep within… deep within is where we “know”… can we see how the world is not designed for us to go deep down within our hearts together, to “know”? So what is one of the subplots of this reality show, or perhaps the biggest main plot? You now know the biggest magic trick your soul may ever hope to accomplish… to go from density to Light, in the blink of an eye, while the planet changes from a blue planet, to a blue star… there will never come an opportunity like this ever, so make the most of this lifetime… it is much more special, than what it seems.  Imagine a reality show on television, where the actors are not aware that the whole setup is a game that our very souls set up… imagine the entire multiverse tuned into this one reality show called, ‘earth’…  the game involved earthlings playing a game of separation with the multiverse, and being lead around by each other’s minds and egos, in a very dark spot of the universe, and earth’s greater cycles… earthlings bump in each other, in a limited consciousness, vying for control of the environment and each other… well, that was the old chapter… the new chapter now involves waking up within the reality show… towards fully conscious beings…this new chapter involves a rebalancing of all energies, towards an ascension ‘mutation’ of one species to another species, in a ‘no you see it, now you don’t’ kinda moment… face it 3D life on our planet is dissolving , so prepare for any 3D system you are involved with, to possibly go down for a period.s… all systems will go down, and new systems of heart shall replace the energies of old…. if you are able to connect heart with soul in full presence, that is where the endless river of gold flows… we cannot buy our way into that flow… only with loving fuller presence, do we expand…you are urged to experiment with heart…. create your world of freedom from heart… realize that the world we created from mind only, is a world of enslavement…. heart, heart and more heart… if life sucks, then bring in more heart… if life is good, bring in more heart too…  imagine the hearts of the world coming together as one… as the final act in the “limited consciousness” reality show, the final act, where the actors see the lights in the audience turned up… as they find their way to the gold every human is searching for… the gold of “unlimited consciousness”, via wisdom, power and love. Until you are accessing inner wisdom, power and love, it is likely you are enslaved to another, but you may not know it. Do not look at your surrounding to know if you are enslaved, for many prisons are as comfortable as a luxury mansion…  to see the prison go inward… see where you are not present… then see where you are not wise, loving or powerful… for example, many humans create moments of non-presence… they are distracted… then within that distracted moment, there is no wisdom, there is no love, there is no power… perhaps when this happens, someone has cast a spell over you…. some people live by casted spells, it becomes a culture of sorts… where people identify themselves as part of a group that accepts the casted spells of others, as a way of life… this process will halt as a person becomes fully present in the threefold flame of Christ consciousness.  Right now kindly envision the threefold flame of wisdom, power and love activating the earth consciousness grid… we’re gonna need our wisdom, our power and our love, to get us through these days… these days by which we can do much more than survive, we can thrive… now take your heart right now that is likely beating with more feeling… and connect it to the three-fold flame of our earth consciousness grid (wisdom, power and love)… with this new connection and with feeling… create something beautiful… if it is truly beautiful, it will be a reflection of our Creator, it will be a reflection of authenticity… it will be a reflection of freedom… shine forth dear ones… for within that sparkle that we all are, are the keys to freedom… as we do this the audience of the multiverse, is offering us a standing ovation… and in the audience, are many souls that are dear to our souls.  They stand for many reasons, one of which is that we are the seed species, for the planet that is turning from density to light in the blink of an eye… this blue star forming is what we are living on right now… it is earth… both earth and those who choose ascension are turning to light in the blink of an eye… as if this were not challenging enough there are renegade humans who desire to control others… we send them compassion for their distractions from reality… remember none of us come from the physical world at the soul level, none of us are actually designed to be controlled, because we all have the spark of our Creator… let no other tamper with your connection to your soul and Creator… Thanks for tuning in!  Indian in the machine

PS Watch for numerous messages from spirit to come about, that confirm the theory that earth is becoming a blue star, and that this passage of Nibiru, is designed to dissolve 3D and awaken everyone that we must unify rather than separate and compete with each other and our environment, as is currently engrained in our culture…


2 thoughts on “Yes We Are In A Reality Show Hologram, Televised To The Multiverse, And Earth Is Becoming A Bluestar

  1. Monty’s latest message via his wife, Veronica
    3 November 2014 – 12:10am | mihangelf
    Veronica Keen
    02 November 2014


    My friends on Planet Earth, I ask you to take time to consider your position. It is critical that you understand fully what you are faced with. Every one of you must play a part in saving humanity and your planet. There is sufficient information available to you, to enable you to see what is being done by those who wish to take over your planet. Do not close your eyes to the grave situation you are in. Atlantis and Lemuria failed to take action and suffered the consequences. Listen to your hearts and souls, not the trolls who try to hold you in a 3D world; they will one day have to face the consequences of their actions. To try to hold humanity in 3D is a crime.

    Evidence of the corruption is exposed every day. It is in your interests to explore it and take steps to release your souls from such bondage. The prison gates have opened. Do you have the courage to walk free? Your souls were harvested at baptism. Take them back! It is your right. You alone are responsible for your own soul. The decisions you make now are for all eternity. Please give serious thought to this. It takes courage to step up and be counted. Do you have the courage which this requires?

    The battle to take over your planet is raging all around you. Do you have eyes to see it? Closing your eyes to it, is not an option. It will not go away. Each day those who are awake, see more clearly what is happening, and get together to oppose it, and help you to see what you are faced with. Take back your power. Use the Declarations. Stop being mindless slaves. Prepare to make changes and create a future that will respect all life on Earth.

    When the corrupt fall (and fall they will), are you ready to produce food and all that is necessary to support life on Earth? With your support our Centres will do that, but it cannot be done without your help. Veronica is aware of the steps which the corrupt are prepared to take, in order to hold on to power. Ancient demons are used to steal frequencies and hold on to them. They can use many forms to attack, such as animals, etc. People are not aware of such possibilities and so dismiss them out of hand. They have been used throughout time very successfully indeed. Ignorance will not protect you. Life on Earth has become hazardous. Research ways to protect you and yours. Earth is the catalyst. Other planets are depending on you to make the right decisions. Many souls have returned from Atlantis in the hope that they can prevent such a disaster happening again. They make contact with Veronica from so many countries: Canada, Spain, Austria, Holland, Russia, etc.

    Understand that sport, music, TV, films, etc., are all designed to keep you asleep and controlled. They have been used as prison guards and you have enjoyed your captivity until now. Your eyes have been opened and you want to be free. Your captors have had hundreds of years to prepare for this takeover. You, on the other hand, have only just awakened to it, and you need to take action. The information is there, so you cannot plead innocence. There are good people out there who give of themselves in order to help you awaken, to save your souls and your planet.

    Those who suggest that I am creating fear, will learn what real FEAR is, should the takeover of your planet ever succeed. It is alarming to see that the ‘A’ virus has got to so many people, who now mix good information with inaccurate and misleading information. These are people who were trusted; but now, can no longer be trusted. It is a battle for the minds of Man. Be aware and alert to it. This change happens overnight. It is shocking to see. The Corrupt Ones use all the weapons at their disposal. Their arsenal is huge. You have been made aware of how words are used and how black magic is used every day. It is powerful and it has been their weapon of choice for centuries. Veronica experienced it first-hand recently and learned to her cost how effective it is. Those who rule your world have agents and emissaries who act when ordered to do so, and will go to any lengths to hold on to power. They are not allowed to know each other, as that would weaken the control system. You need to understand all this, so you can protect yourselves. I am one of twelve, on what you call the other side of life. We are the Network. Our mission is to protect Planet Earth. Veronica has met my colleagues in the Network. We will act as advisors during the Transition. This is our wish. We will be able to show ourselves and speak freely with you, once the controls that bind you come down. Then, all is possible, and all will be revealed. The battle for your soul is relentless. If you gain the whole world and lose your eternal soul, you are as nothing.

    My messages have become more serious. We need you to awaken to your plight. Love, and love alone, will help you. Love for your fellow man. Compassion for those who suffer because of the Cabal’s desire for wars. Send love and light to all of humanity, especially to those souls whose frequencies are being held captive by the rulers of your planet. They need your assistance to break free. Please use your meditation to send them love and light. We need your help to free them. Come together as never before and work towards freeing humanity from slavery.

    “Nothing is as it seems.” It is usually the opposite. Do not blindly accept what you are told through the television, etc. It is not true. Stop being puppets.

    My dear, we are getting there. Things are opening up speedily. Your workload is increasing daily. Try to rest. It is difficult to deal with everything but people will understand.

    We are here for you. Always, your adoring, Monty.

    Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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