How To Electrically Prepare Yourself For A Full Moon


How To Electrically Prepare Yourself For A Full Moon

With Nibiru we prepare for magnetic surges.

With the moon we prepare for photonic surges.

1.  We can perceive that we are electric beings.

2.  We can perceive that full moons involve an energy burst.

3.  We can see that a full moon energy burst will either destable us, or propel us forward.

4.  We can use a full moon to be propelled forward… by upgrading our body in the electrical sense for an all encompassing photonic surge… affecting all physical systems but adversely affecting those that hold photonic blockages, and elevating those who are phonically expansive.

5.  We upgrade our body in an electrical sense,  to an optimal pH.

6.  We maintain our optimal electrical body, with clean pure intake of food, water and thought.

7.  Full moon energy can be ‘new energy’… we may be exposed to energy that may vibrate us in an uncomfortable way, if we resist energy flow… or we can ride the energy in a comfortable and inspiring manner, we are open to expand our awareness…. when we are open to letting go of illusions.

8.  Along with pure water, food and thoughts, we may also choose to limit clogging foods like wheat, coffee, processed foods, thoughts that separate and limit any being, emotions that are not uplifting are also causing many energy blockages to be continually formed and maintained.  If your body never has enough fresh water in between meals to cleanse the organs… then now is the time to try it…. rinse your body with a flush of pure water and non-clogging foods… no potatoes… no starch… no gluten… if this can be done, then not only will a full moon be something to ride, rather than to fear… and other days will be less jolting as well.

9. Ride the full moon energies… expand your energy field… put it out there leading up to a full moon… your highest aligned aspirations, dreams and hopes, that align with the Divine Plan… have some moments absorbing the Divine Plan, for to not do so, is to be aimlessly wandering and bumping into the flow of life.

10. Spend some moments connecting with the Violet Flame, a highly transmutating energy that is a shortcut if you will, to turn dark energy into Light… instant… like magic… the Violet Flame remains under utilized by humanity… we can take the long way home, or the Violet Flame…I personally don’t like cleaning up garbage, so I’d rather focus on the Violet Flame and I figure so do others, once we truly comprehend the power that we have with the Violet Flame.

11.  In the same manner we prepare for magnetic disturbance from Nibiru, do we also prepare for overall energy vibration of a full moon… so keep up your focus on cleansing brain, blood and heart.

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12.   Make a breakthrough out of 3D energies.

Monty Keen Says Life Firmly In 3D Looks Like Mouse In A Wheel… Always Running… Not Getting Anywhere

13.  Chill out but don’t be distracted.

I Am Not Afraid Of Ebola… Or Chemtrails… Or Nuclear War… Or Nibiru Magnetic Flux, And Neither Need Anyone

14.  If you detox heavy metals, then a whole lotta background static that may or may not be perceived, is going to go away since we are human antennae affected by all the unseen signals all around us.

You Are A Human Radio Station With Antenna: Do You Live With Background Static That You Do Or Do Not Perceive?


15.  Remember you are a leaving breathing water-based electrical system… if you ever feel destablized, remember to REGROUND with mother earth… you may already have some favorite means to do so… expand on them more during times of energetic disturbance of any sort.


16.  Silica… silica and more silica… our new lightbodies need lots of silica…  the relationship between silica and photons is already highly established on our planet.

17.  Connect with your full I AM Presence during any energy upheavals, and at all times.

18.  Let go of any tendencies to limit yourself or any lifeform…  take steps closer to Oneness consciousness.

19.  Reduce your energetic resistance to the flow of life… you have favorite ways that you still do this…

20.  It all comes down to love… love and more love… love Monsanto…love the elite… love those who conspire against us… love those who seek our energy… love all creatures as ourselves.

21. Salt/clay baths seem to go real good to stabilize full moon energies… more grounding?

A full moon is often a time where an illusion may come up to be released… it is often uncomfortable but it does not have to be that way… keep in heart that life will always get better over all, as all illusions are released.

As infinite beings who naturally expand and contract in high light and low light ebb…. ultimatlely we learn new ways to expand that resonate with our unique energy signature… open to be guided by spirit and the moon.

Indian in the machine

PS… the moon is a spaceship

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