We have found that in spite of Kathryn’s efforts to prepare everyone for their Ascension, the overall effect, in terms of light on the planet, was not effective.

“We have found that in spite of Kathryn’s efforts to prepare everyone for their Ascension, the overall effect, in terms of light on the planet, was not effective.”

IITM:  I must agree…  just look at how people celebrate halloween vs. sharing of these messages … when we promote the RV information, instead of support, there is always backlash from the general public who would benefit from the RV if they could support it, but we clearly have a population that has other priorities.


Sananda has asked me to post the following message, before the radio show today at 2. I send love along with him to all the followers who have sincerely connected with us to learn how to create a new kind of group consciousness, and to those who still struggle. We are with you.


Today will be the final healing show. We will not be doing our regular channeling shows, but we will stay in contact with you through the Tour page, the website and email if we feel it would be helpful to contact you directly.

There is a rich archive of years of work, and it is all available for free, and every one is embed with the energy of Light.

We recommend that anyone who is serious about elevating themselves get our book, Who Needs Light? and work through it slowly, using the energy of Light that pervades every page. It is a Master Work for the coming times. If you feel the need to anchor and achieve coherence, you will find it there, by reading front to back, doing the exercises given there, and absorbing the high vibration of its pages.

The same is true of our messages, although the earlier ones are not as demanding or as likely to focus your attention the way the last few months of messages were intended to do.

We have found that in spite of Kathryn’s efforts to prepare everyone for their Ascension, the overall effect, in terms of light on the planet, was not effective. It has generated a tremendous backlash, and Kathryn is constantly the target of dark energy. We regret that it has required so much of her energy and time, which she has given selflessly.

We have asked Kathryn to take time off from these very consuming projects to prepare herself for her own Ascension, for I require her assistance in our coming plans.

I will remain beside any person who calls on me to assist with your own Ascension, and you have your own Guides and Masters as well. We are not abandoning you. If you are now feeling that feeling, look inside yourself to identify the source of it. It is not our current actions, for I am not abandoning you and neither is Kathryn. She will remain as a Light bearer, and you can call on her in meditation just as you call on me.

It is time, Beloved Sons and Daughters, for you to reach deeply into yourselves. The secret to your own Ascension lies within you, in your heart, and in the deep connection with me and with ONE, who I represent.

Reach for your internal connection to One, and you will discover a new kind of happiness and freedom – one you do not have to fight to defend. It is your birthright. You must reach for it, from within the strength of your heart, to my heart and to the heart of One.

I send you my endless love, always. I invite you to join us in meditation, to raise your consciousness to the awareness that we are all One, a powerful group consciousness that goes far beyond the individuality and diversity you have come to treasure. Elevating yourselves to become a part of the higher consciousness of Light does not mean you will lose your individuality, but it does mean that individuality will be far less important to you than your connection to All That Is.

It is a difficult time on Planet Earth. Our efforts, including our efforts to release the RV, has been more difficult than we had foreseen. We have redoubled our efforts and will succeed. Our ships are preparing to break through the warping energies which the pervasive fear and dark thoughts have created on the planet. It is not as easy as you might think, and we welcome your pillars of Light to assist us in our ongoing efforts.

The inner work I ask you to do now has always been the answer to raising the vibration on the planet. I urge you to focus now, with energy and diligence, on bringing Love to every single interaction, and to emanate that Light around yourself at every moment. This will lift you into the higher level of consciousness needed to accompany your Mother Terra in the final phases of her Ascension.

I love you without end. I am your Sananda. Namaste, all.


2 thoughts on “We have found that in spite of Kathryn’s efforts to prepare everyone for their Ascension, the overall effect, in terms of light on the planet, was not effective.

  1. we the light living in human body, we told them over and over, that promises with out seen action, will eventually cause a much worse situation, the boy who cried wolf scenario. they acknowledged such, but it appears they are limited in their understanding of the dimension we exist. for all their speaking’s tended to fall flat as it hit the solid wall of earth experience. they were told by us, the forward group incarnated, that it would cause great damage to lead the humanity with a carrot of hope, but never let them grasp the carrot, we told them either two things would happen, the human will break away from the situation and never allow the words to lead them again, the humanity would see the messages as a leading trick. and this is what has happened, as has happened before in other past times with humanity.

    Their already is a bustling civilisation in light, their already is the spiritual realm humanity evolves too after body death, its already there, you are always going and coming from there. known as heaven or paradise, it is a real and substantive place. Some of us in humanity bodies, already know deeply this, for we carry our memories of such both ways. meeting with the just departed in death, meeting up with them in the realm after death, they are always extremely surprised to see us visit them, and that we on the visit are not dead of the body like them, we come and go. they never knew this when they were alive. the parent discovering the child, was a master, and was to help them in their understandings, so was birthed into their family as a child, only for them too late to understand, their child was their teacher whom they neglected understanding from. such is earth life, such is growing earth souls.

    Old souls originate from the earth plane, ancient souls do not, we originate from our own home worlds. birth into the humanity form, and through example, live our ways. our peaceful loving valued ways. quite a challenge in a situation where the opposite is the norm here.

    I don’t believe them in the messages personally, I do feel that they skirt the truth, that they by having connection points in humanity, receive more than they give.

    for they miss the point in humanity management, unless they are part of the same action, an action to take over humanity both ways, create the complacency in some to do nothing but wait. and the other, to keep wars going, and controls of fear going. both ways it is not humanity that benefits, it is an off world task master who wins in the long term.

    ascension, the placing of energetic consciousness into situational forms because they had no self choosing. if you knew your selves, you would know what you want and their fore, you would work to better yourself.

    the messages are a two edge sword, and the hilt. 3 parts. its up to you to find which part you resonate too.

  2. I think Kathryn may have created a bunch of backlash from being Pro- Lucifer, as most Jewish and Christian people associate Lucifer with evil. Just my thought, from having read a few of her “channelings”…….love always, e

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