Major Earthquakes Changed Tilt, Spin And Shape Of Earth, Causing Worldwide Flooding; “Too Much, Too Little, Or Too Dirty”

Major Earthquakes Changed Tilt, Spin And Shape Of Earth, Causing Worldwide Flooding; “Too Much, Too Little, Or Too Dirty”

Dear world… if this is the case… that the shape of our planet has changed (it has)… then we are in a period where new weather and water patterns are being established (we are)… what this means is that life on our planet has basically permanently shifted (for good)... watch for water being too much, too little, or too dirty… until a new equilibrium is established.

I share with you day 2 notes from Earth changes seminar, from The Group via Steve Rother

Day 2 Notes – ‘Water Redistribution’

Major Earthquakes have changed the tilt and spin of Earth causing an elongation of the planet (more egg shaped) and narrowing at the Equator resulting in ‘redistribution’ of water and excessive rain.

Flooding is and will be a problem in the Balkans, Saudi Arabia/Mecca, Bay of Bengal/Bangladesh, UK, Phillipines, Southern Mexico/ Yucatan/Central America.

Drought is projected in California, Texas, Africa, India, Southern Mexico, Southern South America.


Water is Energy, Movement, Cleansing, Balancing the planet.

Water Redistribution has resulted in the Rise and Fall of Civilizations.

Water Wars have no borders.  Planning and new technology is necessary.

Consciousness is the key to the duration and intensity of Earth Changes.


Lots of flooding…

  1. Storm brings strong gusts, power outages, and snow

    Boston Globe-4 hours ago
    A storm that brought Massachusetts its first snow of the season came with strong winds and rain, causing power outages and coastalflooding.
  2. Frequent flooding leaves some Yarmouth residents fearing the next 

    Nova News Now-9 hours ago
    YARMOUTH – Ongoing problems with flooding in the Broad Brook/Argyle Street area is costing thousands of dollars and significant worry for …
  3. Nor’easter pounds state with flooding, power outages

    WCVB Boston-4 hours ago
    A coastal storm is bringing strong to damaging winds, power outages and coastalflooding to southern New England, and in particular to the …
  4. Heavy Rain, Localized Flooding to Soak Eastern US Next Week hour ago
    After a cool weekend, a storm system will move across the eastern United States next week and could bring localized flooding from Texas to …
  5. $30 million available for 2014 flooding damage

    Calgary Herald-Oct 30, 2014
    While flooding occurred, it was not as widespread or devastating as … of damage and the complexities that you saw with (the 2013) floodwe …
  6. Severe flooding hits western Norway

    The 30, 2014
    Local roads have been closed as a result of the weather conditions. two tunnels in the area have been closed due to flooding. They are …
  7. Thousands of Bristol homes at risk of flooding – report

    Bristol Post-8 hours ago
    An estimated 4,000 homes, shops and business premises in Bristol are expected to be a risk from tidal flooding, a report reveals. They would …
  8. Water main rupture floods parking lot at Calgary mall 29, 2014
    An aerial view of flooding at Northland Village Mall. The water was shut off as crews dealt with the cleanup. A small amount of water entered the …
  9. High waves, flooding partially close lanes on NB Lake Shore Drive

    WGN-TV-Oct 31, 2014
    A section of Lake Shore Drive was shut down Friday afternoon, after more than 20-foot waves flooded the northbound lanes. At one point …


When You Feel Stuck Or Trapped… What Now? Meditate… cleanse… detoxify… de-acidify your decaying body… eat healthy… own your emotions… don’t control others… educate yourself… shed illusions… unbrainwash yourself… connect with Higher Self 24/7…. communicate with your spirit guides… love everything… reunite with Creator… consciously ascend to fifth dimensional energies… activate your DNA to 12 strands… connect with heart…. release ego… have free thoughts… consciously seek and create joy… live fully present in the moment… be creative… connect with the stars and all creatures… shed pain of past and fear of future programming… release self-imposed limitations… take heartfelt action… trust your own inner wisdom, power and love.

“Announce yourself to yourself in the mirror in the morning: I AM the true God Presence on Earth. I am the gift to myself and to everyone around me when I shine my Light and claim my place among the Angels. I am here to create Light, to breathe Light, to use and shape and spread the Light. I am my own happiness, my own comfort and good company. God Loves Me. I Love God. I AM Light.” – Prime Creator

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