Remarkable “Unhuman Timing”… Giant Cigar-Shaped Spaceship Poses Next To Sunburst, Another Ashtar Command Photobomb!


Remarkable “Unhuman Timing”… Giant Cigar-Shaped Spaceship Poses Next To Sunburst, Another Ashtar Command Photobomb!

Folks… this is how the big eye, is helping us with disclosure, to slowly release images to the public of our extended family, flying about in our earth atmosphere, and in our solar system… who is FRIENDLY!

This time we have an Ashtar Command cigar-shaped ship, appearing next to a sun burst… folks in order for that to happen, they gotta either be working WITH the sun who is a sentient being, or they have some superhuman ability to pose at the appropriate time, with a sunburst… simply remarkable!

Oct. 29 footage appears just DAYS after the I.S.S. was sharing images of the another cigar shaped ship.

Ohhh I Get It Now!!! Nasa Has Showing Proof Of Extraterrestrials After All… Ashtar Command Cigar Shaped UFO Revisited

On Oct 21… no one answered the ship… but at least pictures are getting through…

Ashtar Command Visits International Space Station October 21, But No One Answers

Ashtar Command flies around earth in all sorts of creative ways… but many humans cannot perceive their consciousness, and prefer to describe our visitors as flaming space rock, ufos, shooting stars, stars, and clouds.

Ashtar Command Lightship Briefly Appears Over Spain… Media Report Flaming Space Rock

Ashtar Command show earthlings, the new colours of the fifth dimension…

Ashtar Command “New Fifth Dimensional Colours” Public Sky Demonstration

Ashtar Command invite humans to their radio shows…

You Have Received An Invitation From Jesus Sananda On “The New Jerusalem” Ashtar Command Mothership, To Fireside Chat 

Ashtar Command shows us their ships in the clouds…

Witness The “Hand Of God” Ashtar Command Cloudship Of The Fifth Dimension Over Alberta, Canada

Ashtar Command even cleans up the sky of chemtrails… and still few humans notice…. even fewer thank them…


8TH RAY – Seafoam green with violet: clear and cleanse 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

9TH RAY – Luminescent light green and blue: love, joy and passion for life

10TH RAY – Pearlescent luminosity: Code your lightbody into the physical, draw in your I AM Presence

11TH RAY – Peach luminosity: Bridge to new age, balance male and female polarities

12 RAY – White Gold: Cosmic fire, ease and grace in one’s creations

*Call upon these rays now and ask yourself to absorb and integrate these 5 new primary colours… why wait? Why forget?

Sky Update! Ashtar Command Cloudships Are Clearing Sky Toxins With Public Demonstrations

Ashtar Command gets very creative to show us what they are doing…

Ashtar Command Rainbow UFO Cloudship Appears Over Canada, And Cleans Up A Chemtrail

Ashtar Command is undefeatable by any earth standards… and yet earthlings act like that, isn’t a big deal…

*****Undefeatable “World Peace/NESARA/Ashtar Command UFO” Is Touring The World*****, Earth’s Militaries Are Impotent To Do Anything About It

Ashtar Command ‘rescued’ the Malaysian Flight 370… and is waiting for earthlings to notice…. this is also a big deal, as it is an interaction with our galactic family, and earthlings…

ET “Commander” Ashtar On Malaysian Flight, Ukraine Pyramids, Palestinian Tunnels To Inner Earth, And Low Vibration Critique And Commentary

There is a lot going on here on earth right now… see these events as ongoing disclosure… feel free to be an active, excited and sharing participant in disclosure… right now, check the sky, perhaps someone has timed a visitation in your sky, to time with you reading this message? Ashtar Command enjoys timing their visitations to get us to notice. 🙂

This has been ongoing for YEARS btw, in case you haven’t been paying attention…


“Dear Creator… thanks for sending earthlings visitation from our extended family… I realize that I have perhaps been taking earth a little too seriously… and I vow now to realign with you and your divine will… and will learn how to balance my pineal gland with my heart, so that I can truly align with life and my divine beingness, and not just watch others live and try to control me with games, illusions and distractions of the physical… I AM THAT I AM.”

We are already in the fifth dimension… however humanity is still catching on.

Indian in the machine

Indian produced a song about the 5 new colours…  the project, “Spiritworld”… you can check it out here:

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3 thoughts on “Remarkable “Unhuman Timing”… Giant Cigar-Shaped Spaceship Poses Next To Sunburst, Another Ashtar Command Photobomb!


    Hi Dieter,

    Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. OK in the photo if you notice on the left side of the picture it looks like an apparatus on its arm. It seems to have a spiral pattern to it. I really like all your photos of the sky spirits and definitely the fire elemental touching your hand. That was Awesome! Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Joe… that’s rather remarkable image there you’ve shared… hmmmm can’t say what is going on… but I have noticed that the sylphs are ‘spelling’ out ‘words’… keep us posted if something more comes and visits. 🙂 Dieter

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