Physical Retail/Vendor Opportunity To Sell IITM Digital Music

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Retail opportunity… I’ve been slowly going digital in the offerings of my music with less CDs… it seems while there is a market for CDs, there is also an untapped market in the physical retail world, to sell digital copies of music… my snazzy new laptop in fact doesn’t even have a cd player.

As a retailer, or vendor of artistic works, one can appreciate or even dream of carrying stock that weigh practically nothing….  I know I have… that’s why I have resonated as of late with these new download cards that I am now working with. They fit in your pocket, they take up hardly any space for display purposes,… people can easily download music to their personal digital devices at point of purchase, or whenever they choose… for many it is less cumbersome to do it this way, and more cumbersome to purchase a CD and do a digital transfer.

If you have wanted to sell Indian in the machine music in your retail situation, now’s our chance… these download cards, now allows physical retailers to sell these cards which when purchased, will have a code on them that will allow for quick and easy downloading of my music…. super easy…  If you are willing to sell my music, I am willing to give you a good deal to make it happen.  Minimum order 30 copies.

For more info. contact Dieter at



lp (4)lp (2)lp (5)lp (1)What do people say about IITM music?

Cool tune. Nice ambiance. Good vibes.

Woke something up inside of me that I’d all but forgotten was there. Thank-you.

Love at first note with this song. There is something very special about this music. I cannot put it into words. Perfect balance of female/male energy maybe….will have to ponder and listen over and over again! LOVE IT!

Beautiful song and so appropriate for now, inspiring, love-filled, with the greatest gratitude, thank-you so much for sharing!!!

Enchanting and powerful in a very Spiritual way!!!!!
Your talents are endless.
Have a nice year!!!!!!

This is a Masterpiece. Great vocals and musicianship.

Fantastic performance. A very euphoric experience indeed..,warm and inspiring vocals with a great harmony…Really enjoyed the listen.

Meditative and peaceful. Nice instrumnetal choices. Simple, clean, and very calming. Enjoyed this.

Deep and dark…a very mysterious voyage to the long ago and far away. Tribal Psyhedelic. Nice!

Very unique creative and appealing. THis just flows right through me. Great work!

Very impressive & emotional, a tribute to the Nature

Haunting flute playing! Beautiful!

Great songs with imaginative lyrics. These songs kick complete ass. I dig em’.

also, all your stuff is very good, very original; I just love flute music, but all of your stuff is very original and very good musical quality as well.

After LISTENING to the site I have my very own appreciation of what INDIAN IN THE MACHINE means. It is a person who understands TECHNOLOGY so well that they are able to STRETCH it to the point where the END PRODUCT is NOT music but rather a new form of ART. Possibly abstract but in a manner that EVERYONE can appreciate. AND….not everyone appreciates abstract art BUT….this THEY WOULD. In ONE WORD????



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