Ohhh I Get It Now!!! Nasa Has Showing Proof Of Extraterrestrials After All… Ashtar Command Cigar Shaped UFO Revisited

Ohhh I Get It Now!!!  Nasa Has Showing Proof Of Extraterrestrials After All… I.S.S./Mars Ashtar Command Cigar Shaped UFO Revisited

So Nasa has been slowly trying to come clean about ET life… it is a process… most recently showing real Ashtar Command spaceships in their images… letting them get through… we can do our part by sharing this great news… we must continue to unify with our galactic brothers and sisters, because we are one of them, simply at a lower awareness… but not a lower lifeform… we can all see that the old world is losing it’s allure for many… and there is a whole new reality we are creating and merging with… this upgrade is something the multiverse is doing together… we are all raising our consciousness… with earth at this time, being a focus point… we can now see how Ashtar Command ships are undefeatable… and that’s just an appetitzer of what grand technologies our families are willing to share, if we claim our responsibilty and memory as divine beings of light.

Mars… same ship?  Cigar anyone?

Cigar shaped ships



This is neither a lens flare nor a docking supply ship. The mystery is less what it IS than why NASA would allow the video to be released to the public. We have stated that disclosure would not be forthcoming from the US government, but the cover-up over the alien presence will be gradually dropped. They plan to have Nancy explain how aliens interact with the contactees, and how they interacted with MJ12 in the past. The announcement admitting Nibiru nearby will put Nancy in the spotlight, to explain how she knew so exactingly where and when Nibiru would arrive in 2003. In preparation for this time, NASA has been allowing proof of alien life via their Mars rover, and lately, proof from ISS images.

Earth-Sized UFO Near The Sun Now Increasing Earthling Options

Mars Explosion… Comet Siding Spring… Unusual Circumstances… Things That Make You Go ‘Hmmmmm’

Galactic Federation On Global Restructuring Of Societies, And Their Three Part Mission

Fun stuff…. and great news…. thanks Nasa… sending you love… and thanks for joining in the waves of peace that we are now envisioning… circling the world over and over… we all deserve peace, because that is what we all are at our cores… enjoy joyfully unbrainwashing yourself towards crystal clear Christ consciousness of wisdom, power and love.

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

5 thoughts on “Ohhh I Get It Now!!! Nasa Has Showing Proof Of Extraterrestrials After All… Ashtar Command Cigar Shaped UFO Revisited

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    This language is and will be a wonder in highest love. You could speak but if you bounded to this, be self this, you could knowing the wonder you are self, the wonder what it means to be human, producing wonders.

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