ET Zetas Say Two Alien Autopsy Films Are Frauds, While Skinny Bob Film Is Authentic

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ET Zetas Say Two Alien Autopsy Films Are Frauds, While Skinny Bob Film Is Authentic

It is interesting to learn that when it comes to alien films… things are definitely not what they seem… however some who explore these films may be interested to note that the Zetas say the Skinny Bob film is authentic, while the Russian autopsy and US autopsy films are frauds.


And what about the stories coming from MJ12 and the Russians about alien autopsies? Roswell was reputed to place both living and dead aliens in the hands of MJ12, which was TRUE, and not to be outdone, the Russians emerged with an autopsy film in 1969, a FRAUD. The Santilli film which emerged in 1995, supposedly of the Roswell autopsy, was later also admitted to be a FRAUD.

ZetaTalk Analysis 1/5/2013: Is a British documentary on secret KGB files showing an autopsy on an alien body the real thing?  Where is the protective gear to prevent infection of the technicians? They tear the rib cage open with their bare hands? Amateurish, at best.

The “Other” Alien Autopsy Films
March 8, 2013

On May 5, 1995, a highly inflammatory piece of film-footage was shown to a select audience at the Museum of London, England, by a man named Ray Santilli. Thus was born the controversy surrounding the now-notorious Alien Autopsy film – a controversy that raged for more than a decade. On April 4, 2006, however, everything changed. Britain’s SKY Television show Eamonn Investigates revealed that the infamous Alien Autopsy film, that tantalized and intrigued so many for years, was not what it appeared to be.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/15/1995: The Roswell film is a clever fake, done not by the CIA but by a commercial group hired by those in the government popularly known as MJ12, and done, not surprisingly, on good old USA soil. What was its intent? Of course it was to acclimate the public to the alien presence, the sight of alien bodies, the thought that humans and aliens have contact, the image of their government in contact – but reassuringly with the impression that humans have the upper hand. The body of the alien in the autopsy film, so human in appearance with few exceptions, was in fact a human. The base body was of a prepubescent girl who sickened and died in an institution for the retarded, and had long been a ward of the state. Retardation was caused by water on the brain, a condition that creates an enlarged head. The large eye sockets came with the package, but the eyes themselves were replaced by even larger orbs, the reason for the unblinking appearance due to the eyelids being stretched and incapable of closing. This girl was essentially a vegetable toward death, and was unable to consent or refuse treatment. Plastic surgery was performed in her last months to remove her navel and nipples, but the occurrence of six fingers and toes, a common recessive gene, was already present. This unfortunate youngster, abandoned essentially at birth and with multiple birth defects, had a physiological tendency to retain fat disproportionately in her abdomen.

But the Skinny Bob tapes were the REAL THING, as were reports of the Tall White aliens that MJ12 entertained. Yet another TRUE story is the Volgograd park incident in Russia 1989, where a large robot controlled by a non-hominoid creature communicated with children in a park. If the Skinny Bob tape was released by MJ12 as a test of public reaction, the Volgograd park incident was arranged by the Council of Worlds to provide balance.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/14/2011: Skinny Bob has been welcomed with open arms everywhere. He is charming, obviously non-aggressive, and allowing himself to be filmed without resentment. The immediate reaction of all who watch the video is that this is real, even if objection is made by those in shock at the confirmation of the alien presence. Look behind any verbal sputtering to see the shock, as it is there. Since this has been widely distributed on the Internet, and widely discussed on more sites than one could count, the establishment has lots of data to digest. They will conclude that mankind is not reacting as was anticipated by the CIA many decades ago when they concluded that the common man could not handle the reality of the alien presence. Curiosity, a desire to see more, even a desire to meet Skinny Bob has been expressed. More to follow!


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