Earth-Sized UFO Near The Sun Now Increasing Earthling Options

Earth-Sized UFO Near The Sun Now Increasing Earthling Options

So many options are now upons us earthlings… earth sizewe can accept that our solar system has much visitation right now, or we can perhaps ignore these matters and let evil continue… perhaps we can all work together… or perhaps we will use these times of chaos and change to further use and abuse each other… we can choose to acknowlege the spaceships near the sun, in our earth atmosphere, but we don’t have to… we can acknowledge the millions of galactic federation or light ships in our solar system, or we can continue to act like they don’t exist or matter… we can acknowlege the coloured stars in the sky that are different from the other stars, or we can not acknowledge them, as simply write them off as atmosphere anomalies.  We have the option of acknowledging that earth governments aligned with negative ETs, who have been removed from the planet, or we can continue to act like everything is exactly how it seems… we have lots of options earthlings…

Earthlings struggle to welcome the ISS visitors…

Ashtar Command Visits International Space Station October 21, But No One Answers

The hologram seems real doesn’t it?

ET Arcturians Say Earthlings In Hologram, Thought To Be A “Real World”… Is Physicality The Hologram?

Even angels are popping by…

Sky Angels In Action Caught Cleaning Up Chemtrails!

More friendly craft coming by…. but few earthlings take notice.

Friendly Colourful UFO Photobombs International Space Station Oct. 7, While European Space Agency Conducts Spacewalk

You may wish to prepare now…

Nibiru Flyby… How Spiritually Prepared Are We For This Or What Else Is To Come?

Indian in the machine

5 Easy Steps To Become Your Own Self-Healer Of The Physical, And Improve Your Overall Vibe

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