Food Prices “Dramatically” Rising Due To California Drought… What To Do?

Food Prices “Dramatically” Rising Due To California Drought… What To Do?

Well well… the headlines reposted below, are suggesting that we’ve got some issues to face, regarding our food supply.

Some quick tips as humanity sorts out this latest issue:

1. Buy local

2. Sprout

3. Grow greenhouse food if possible

4.  Wild harvesting

5.  Buy in bulk

6.  Buy seeds for spring planting

7.  Create food coops to help with sharing

8. Regrow kitchen scraps

9.  Harvest what you have available, and then use it as a bartering tool….And so on….

Don’t see yourself standing in the white bread line for your sustainance, unless you want to.

…so you see, we do not need to fear a food shortage… we simply need to open up to what is around us, and our ability to take action and to create projects with other like spirited beings… of which there may be more than we think…

… the upswing is that west coast food has more radiation…. perhaps this is opportunity for other areas, to grow some healthy foods… wheat? No thanks! Spelt… Yes please!!!

Drought cuts California food exports sharply, costing growers millions

Albany Business Review-Oct 6, 2014Share
Exports of California food products took a dive in August. The cause: An unprecedented drought has led to fallowed fields and less food …

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