Recent Invasion Of Friendly Green UFOs Is On!

Recent Invasion Of Friendly Green UFOs Is On!

1.  Montreal!

Montreal UFO: Was The Same Green, Shapeshifting Object Spotted 

The Inquisitr-6 hours agoShare
Sightings of strange, yet similar lights in the sky have been reported days apart in both Montreal and Peru, leading some to conclude that the …
The Montreal UFO even appeared behind reporter Colette Provencher during a broadcast
2. Scotland!

3.  Hong Kong… Probably Supporting Protesters

UFO Appears During BBC Coverage Of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests (WATCH)

Read more:

4.  Peru


  • Green UFO Appears In Skies Over Lima – 5/10/2014 | Media…/2014/…/greenufo-appears-in-skies-over-lima-510…

    Oct 6, 2014 – A woman witnesses a green light in the sky and believes it to be a UFOsighting! the green UFO appears to be wide, It could be a drone but …

5.  India!

A Bird? A Plane? No… It’s UFO

Ahmedabad Mirror – ‎Oct 3, 2014‎
The pilot added that the UFO was green and white in colour.” Mumbai ATC and DGCA told Mirror that they have no information about this. When we contacted pilot Mahima Chaudhary, someone picked up the phone and promised to call back. However, till …

6. Nebraska!

  • UFO Sighting in Bellevue, Nebraska on October 17th 2014…2014/60694

    17 hours ago – Date: October 17th 2014, Description: In the sky by 84th and highway 75 seen a GREEN ball then started to move very fast like a shooting star …

Has anyone been abducted… attacked… is anyone missing lunch… or spare change… no no and no no no… it is possible that our friendly family are making themselves known… green is also a colour used for the many meteors that are really ET spacecraft… fun stuff eh…
Some of the beings who are friendly and want to help include:
Ashtar Command
Galactic Federation of Light
And many many others… this is a very big deal for the multiverse… expect more visitors… bearing gifts too… nice spaceship food that is non-GMO… food replicators… free food hehe…
Be grateful to be center stage in the biggest show the universe has ever seen… the journey earth makes from a dense planet of war, to a blue star of peace… do not believe it ? That is okay… pay more attention and remember, that none of us are from planet earth at the soul level lest you fear extraterrestrials… because we are all extraterrestrial… God is extraterrestrial… Creator is extraterrestrial… fun stuff…

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