Dolores Cannon RIP Dear One… Inspiring Angel…

From Dolores’ fb page…

“It is with a heavy heart that we let you know Dolores passed away this morning. To this end she was the Dolores that we all know and love and we want you all to know that she appreciated very much the loving energy and prayers you sent her way these last few weeks. She was with all of her family this morning and left surrounded by their and your love. Her heart will remain connected to us all.”

I really enjoyed Dolores’ energy, her videos… her wisdom… we won’t miss her though… we will wave to her… from the ground crew to our new angel in the stars…  love, Indian

6 thoughts on “Dolores Cannon RIP Dear One… Inspiring Angel…

  1. There is no death it is a new beginning. Dolores is off on a new Journey. She is a beautiful “Spirit Being of Light” and she shared her light with us all. Sending Blessings and Love.

  2. It is with sorrow that i join with hearts in th passing of your good friend-she has a new body and suffers no more-she is where we shall all be sooner than later –Blessings-NAMASTE-

  3. She has left the rest of on the “ground crew” with a wonderful legacy. She truly was one of the way-showers . Blessings dear soul , you well earned your graduation Dolores !

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