Cool $300 Pyramid Shelter

Post image for $300 Pyramid Shelter

Cool $300 Pyramid Shelter

Go here… much tinkering going on…


6 thoughts on “Cool $300 Pyramid Shelter

  1. Right position is your true position from which you could growing. There is no false. The only false is to be not bounded to your truth and your evolvement in all directions.

  2. The take over and capturing of humankind

    All what was built within our infrastructure is misused by an not natural authorisation scheme.
    We have to separate from that, so it could fall or change.
    Knowing that for all what was built the truth exists in natural design Telecommunications, law, government, business workflow…
    Separation do not means to give it up! It means identifying – identity yourself with the infrastructure of natural humanity and make use of the other one with knowing the results for the superuser and admins. Make both infrastructures living in the right mass and accepting a natural authorisation scheme.

    1. Pyramide is an authorisation scheme.
      All – ism or -ismus (A-Z) used for that. The success of each based on a must have of the truth. All holding a part.

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