The Effects Of Nibiru’s Approach And Resultant Earth Changes In One Paragraph Via The Zetas

The Effects Of Nibiru’s Approach And Resultant Earth Changes In One Paragraph Via The Zetas

Well, there’s a whole lotta stuff going on…  it will be nice when the masses begin to notice… 

Lately there have been so many changes, that it almost seems like the overlap between the 7 of 10 and 8 of 10 is fading away. For example the Zetas did hint that the New Madrid could be part of the 8 of 10  ( and in this ZetaTalk the Zetas also hint that the New Madrid is about to happen ( Also the Zetas did mention that we can’t speak of trimesters anymore. ( If the Zetas are willing too can they say something about this, as I would think that a lot of what is happening now is also cause of natural progress aka Planet X rapidly approaching us, noticeable increased sightings. Stronger wobble, etc?

We often state, when discussing the Earth changes, that this or that will be on the increase, accelerating, or become more noticeable. Such statements are often lost on the public, as they are scattered, and do not reflect the impact of the increase on many fronts, which can seem like a new phenomenon for those who had been ignoring the Earth changes.  Increased earthquakes and volcanic activity, booms and flashes of methane gas suddenly alighting, neon clouds and corkscrews in a magnetic twist, erratic weather and intractable drought and deluge suddenly switching about, standalone lightning storms, electro-magnetic pulse affecting planes and mankind’s electrical grid – when all reach a threshold where they are noticed by the public, this in and of itself is a new phenomenon. Shock and panic will result, so that the Earth changes morph into another phase, a sociological phase.

Bear Witness To Planet X/Nibiru Effect: Blackouts, Static, Lightning, Electrical Problems, Satellite Failure, Charged Ionosphere

IITM:  What is this sociological phase? Well… it will involve a shifting of personal and collective values, atttiudes and beliefs.  Watch for a new aspect of awareness relating to earth changes and:

-Where to live

-How to grow food

-How to share resources

-How to spiritually create our reality

-How to join consciousness with weather

-Cooperation with elemental earth, air, fire and water families

-Any solution that deals with the situation

-Energies to help calm and educate the populace

-New technologies will spring forth

-A new era of peace to be triggered

-And much much more!


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Thanks for tuning in!

We are learning to release static in our energy You Are A Human Radio Station With Antenna: Do You Live With Background Static That You Do Or Do Not Perceive?

Indian in the machine

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3 thoughts on “The Effects Of Nibiru’s Approach And Resultant Earth Changes In One Paragraph Via The Zetas

  1. It doesn’t look like many are noticing does it? I have some lots in S Utah on the high desert. No water unless someone digs a well…no power…lots of sage on flat land and surrounded by mountains 360 degrees. Only 5 others out here and they don’t come out…so it’s like pretty much deserted. Good agriculture land…the lots are 2 1/ 2 acres. If anyone wants to build a pit house…let me know. I will give them the lot. Peace&love Dieter. Carol Mc

    1. I am interested. I live in my van and have things in storage. I live on a pension and social security. I am not sure what this will cost. Especially with the new prosperity funds coming. I am unsure how to handle this. Cynthia Taylor
      California Native
      I wish to reforest the United States
      I was a Native American in past 2 lives and wish to return the earth to what she once was beautiful

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