Ebola Testing In Airports? Must Give Blood To Travel?… No No No No! May The Force Of Love Be With You Instead

Ebola Testing In Airports? Must Give Blood To Travel?… No No No No! May The Force Of Love Be With You Instead

  1. BBC News ‎- 1 day ago
    This is one of the main symptoms of Ebola, but is also a symptom of … Blood tests can help identify the virus, but they need to be analysed in …

We are entering a system where we may need to give blood to travel? First in five cities… well, we know how that goes don’t we?

Everybody is pulled from one scare to another…

All Of A Sudden… Everybody’s Like “OMG!!! SuperTyphon”…. What Is Happening?

First we allowed ourselves to be felt up by security agents and then they photograph our genitals… now we have to give blood to travel??? Why not just become healthy instead of running from one disease to the next????

I would not trust anyone who says I have to draw blood to fly, to stick anything in me… why? Because the needle itself might have Ebola on it… think about it… remember how AIDS traveled the world… through vaccines… geezus people, you do not simply allow yourself to be injected…  is Ebola a threat? Nothing is really a threat… it is your response that expresses being threatened or not… love is still and always will be the antedote to everything… an example of “more love” is in an Ebola scare, may be to clean your blood, stop eating low frequency foods, crystallize your body, de-parasite yourself, eat dry foods to compensate for toxic wet environment, alkalize youir body and much more… this is what we need… more practical action… less medication and injections and mass hysteria for depopulation. We are actually past the time of plagues… have you noticed that all supposed plagues have come and gone? Ebola may be the very last one for real… and the plague may be a bunch of people who believed a lie, and chose to be injected… a plague of ignorance.

I resonate with free travel for everyone including animals, birds, insects, and ETs… everyone respecting each other’s freewill and Universal Law… all humans travelling free of passports… free of taxation to travel… free of friction from any aspect of the universe… free to own our own spaceships… free to hitch a ride on an extraterrestrial spaceship to another galaxy… and that sorta thing.

People you can’t outrun disease if create an environment in your body that is hospitable to disease… to rid yourself of disease, you eliminate the attraction ot it.. which includes attracting foods that attract perfect health… and eliminating foods that attract death… does not every being on earth deserve perfect health if that is what it can attract? If you attracting death, then you will die, it is that simple… from a virus or from stepping on a rake. If you want to live, you will, and no virus will stop you…. no being of any sort or size will stop you… the force Luke… the force may it be with you… it is the force of love.

If you are acidic and prone to disease… you may desire to lean towards ‘dry’ foods rather than ‘wet’ foods… this is to facilitate the removal of mucus from the body, the slime buildup… wet environments facilitate candida, cancer and other critters… dry ingredients can assist to remove mucus-plaque buildup in the intestines, water-logged cells causing bloating, colonies of sticky gluten ecosystems… my two favorites are raw oatmeal and cooked millet… combine this with probiotics and digestive enzymes, and you will be leaner… less bloated… less pain and less pressure in the abdomen area… watch for wet cooked foods to mess you up with gas, pain, indigestion and unhealthy cravings… watch for dry foods to assist you to simply overcome the situation. We can say that a cancer cure would be to remove the cancerous environment, therefore millet and raw oatmeal may assist with people dealing with cancer.

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