5 Easy Steps To Become Your Own Self-Healer Of The Physical, And Improve Your Overall Vibe

5 Easy Steps To Become Your Own Self-Healer Of The Physical, And Improve Your Overall Vibe

If You Are Diseased From Acidity, Bacteria, Viruses Including Candida And A Poisoning Of Food, Air, Water, Soil… Become Your Own Healer With: 1. Alkalinity,  2. Dry Foods, 3. Probiotics And 4. Living Food And Water 5. High Minerals


Lots of people we all know, are all dying because of lack of this information… and the will to live… this information can help… perhaps to inspire the will that there is another way to live.

The majority of people’s bodies are very acidic and wet… thanks to fast food, pop, coffee, wheat, white rice, sugar, pasta, processed foods, dairy and more… ooops did I just describe what you eat lots of?  If so you or those are you, may be suffering right now from conditions due to acidity and wetness, and may have not made the connection to the inflammation that this causes, and the resultant critters that move in to your inflammed areas, and create waste byproducts. Truth is the western culture is a culture of acidity and wetfoods…. therefore it is a culture of death… someone said Candida rules the world… this resonates as truth to a degree… common diets are death diets because:

1.  Too much acidic foods

2. Too much wet foods

3. They do not have natural probiotics, but rather preservatives

4. They are low in light energy

5.  They are foods low in minerals

*These foods are often cheapest foods on the shelves.

You can cure or assist in any condition that you have by simply the main five issues that lead to a body that is ‘wet’ vs. dry, riddled with yeast, perhaps cancer, and inflammation.

We can easily see that common diets are death diets… and we can choose a diet of life instead… truth is…  death diets are thought to taste better, but in reality they are messed up photocopies of real food…. real food tastes better… if your food is artificial…. it is not healing, then it is not the best tasting food.

5 Easy Steps To Become Your Own Self-Healer Of The Physical, And Improve Your Overall Vibe

1. Eat alkaline foods  (There are many lists online as to which foods these are.)

2. Eat dry foods (There are also many lists online, I prefer raw oatmeal and millet for this.)

3. Probiotics in your food are essential to your multidimensional transmuting body, if there are harsh chemical preservatives in your food, is is likely affecting you in not a great way.  Probiotics:  Miso, natural yogurts, fermented foods with bacterial cultures or live vinegars, keifers and more…

4. The whole point of eating is to get photons (particles of Light) from the sun via food. Raw foods…. living green leafy lettuce… organic… food from greenhouses… the idea is to have food with sun energy.   Activate the life in your water, by programming it with crystals… those crystals will reflect photons of light.

5.  Corporate food tends to be low in minerals… so if your food is toxic and low in minerals, we can see how the body gets backed up, since it does not have the minerals to properly flush out toxins… most illness is due to a backup of toxins caused by poor quality low mineral foods.  The idea is to get natural ratio minerals from high quality food rather than to supplement as a way of life… supplementation is a short term solution…. awesome for short term, not great for long term.  If your food is corporate and cheap, chances are it is low in minerals… if your food is independent and supports people making a living, the price will reflect that… and we are all worth it, that we can re-organize our priorities to spend as much on food as possible… being grateful instead of feeling ripped off.


If you do all of this then you know what the OTHER gifts are?  If your body no longer is a house for low energy, then the overall vibe in your emotions and mental state will improve… also, this balancing is also a process of reconnection with heart…so your overall vibe will be more authentic than ever, because authenticity involves a heart connection… pretty neat stuff eh?

Feel your way through life, rather than numb your way through life’s artificialities.

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What I have suggested here will assist everyone with a body (joke haha), to consider and take action towards balance, as to not get jolted by the photon belt (a large band of gamma radiation that our solar system goes through every 26000 that no one told us about in school but is of supreme importance in our lives)… or Nibiru that big celestial body in our neighbourhood that no one told us about in school either.

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I thank you for visiting my words.  If they resonate with your desire for higher health consciousness, and you desire to support my mission, feel free to do so… all gifts include a free download of “Warrior Ignition“… I love hearing stories from those who have resonated with my galactic ascension mission (which involves, more direct and focused unified health-action than ever before.)… salu!

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