You Are A Human Radio Station With Antenna: Do You Live With Background Static That You Do Or Do Not Perceive?

You Are A Human Radio Station With Antenna: Do You Live With Background Static That You Do Or Do Not Perceive?

You are a human radio station.

You are on the air even if you do not realize it… since you were born you were transmitting a signal through your body as a human antenna.

You are broadcasting your energy field right now.

You did not know this but as you slowly were encouraged to accept toxic food, air, food, water and soil… and of course the mind control… that all of this as slowly added static to your energy field.

Some people assume this static IS their radio station, but it is not… it is the static that is interference from the true signal.

Can you see that humans are liquid living antennas?

As you eat toxic foods with heavy metals, can you see that the heavy metal add to the static of the antenna… so that is unable to access, send or receive a pure signal.

When you are toxic, your energy field has lots of static.

You may be prone to static outburst… anger… triggered… jolted…

Perhaps you may or may not be aware of the static, to even identify with it… after all, it did come slowly and gradually every single day…

In the third dimension it was common to become toxic with acidifying heavy metals… after all, we came here to experiment with the third dimension.

As we ride to the fifth dimension, we lose the heavy metal overload…. and crystalize our bodies and DNA to full activation.

So that is our choice… to continue to live with static… or to tune up our energy field, so that we can finally and once again, live free to sing our soul songs… and to play them on our new crystal radio station. You can live with static… but it isn’t you, and never will be, it is static… heavy metal?  Now you know.  Heavy metal additives, now you know… all of it, is not who we are, although we may or may not be aware that we are expressing toxicity in our energy field…

Although I have many opportunities to teach about this or that, there is something special about what a powerful message the ionic foot bath plates are, because to use them, and study what they do, it touches upon the effects of toxicity, acidify, anti-cancer, anti-radiation, and anti-chemtrail, alkalinity restoration, emotional and mental connections to states of toxicity, how to raise one’s frequency in a scientific method even… ionic foot baths can definitely help to release static in the energy field… making one less prone to “protecting yourself from negativity”… because in truth some people are protecting themselves from their own static… see the difference?

If you are not regularly walking on earth barefoot, and eating an electrically balanced diet, and are prone to avoiding truth, and are prone to avoiding your own heart-based true nature, then you may have background static in your energy field and may not know it.  It bring to my attention that so few actually do work and live on the ground, therefore making this simple technology of ionic foot baths,  and others like it, even more of a realistic necessity to walk as an electrically balanced human being. 🙂  I may have one shortly hehe… ciao!

As we are moving from a 3D carbon-based antenna, to a crystal-based antenna, we realize how heavy metals can be a detriment to the fine vibrations of a crystal… to facilitate this process:

-Add silica to diet

-Avoid heavy metals except from natural mineral sources

-Consider ascension body paste, MSM, DMSO, diatamacous earth, earthing, alkaline diet, sweats and saunas, and more….

-This isn’t an option to stay toxic and live on the planet… we must purify in order to claim our place on a purifying planet… see how things have changed and will not remain the same?


 Indian in the machine


Modern footwear is generally toxic, and we are learning to deal with the situation… Many have had years of sweating in toxic footwear and do not realize the toxic load this adds to an already toxic situation. BE AWARE OF MICROFIBRES PEOPLE and other materials that may cause electrical distortions AND NEEDLESS STATIC…We are learning to release static in our energy fields. Ionic foot baths work by introducing negative ions into the water, which are readily absorbed by the feet… they can bind to toxins in the feet from many sources including toxic materials used for modern footwear…. the plates I sell will last hundreds of uses, you will simply need a bucket and the appropriate battery charger, a bucket and some salt. 🙂

Order your set of affordable ionic foot bath plates…

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