So many humans are learning to not get their daily bread from the heartless…

So many humans are learning to not get their daily bread from the heartless…

We realize we cannot live the corporate way, for the corporate way is the heartless way… we can live with council, because our hearts will come together… we cannot survive when our hearts shut off to the competitive unwise minds of the non-human entity. We can live fully and completely as unique light codes, when our hearts come together as one. So many humans are learning to not get their daily bread from the heartless… others who have already learned this lesson, are showing the rest, how it is done.

What will you do when Nibiru flys by, and systems collapse… how will heartless living fair then?  Will you simply await the trucks for the special prisoner food?  Can you even imagine supermarkets empty and not filling up? Can you imagine highways blocked by landslides… can you imagine rivers changing course?  Can you imagine landmasses rising and falling? Will your heart open then if not already?  True survival is heart… competition always yields casualties… while unity will yield all as winners and benefactors.  Have we learned from the reptilians that when you are grabby, you get nothing?  Have we learned from the elite when you are greedy, then joy or love cannot be experienced… and you end up as cannibals?  Have we learned that money cannot buy joy?  

Be wise of any energy you allow into your energy field… beware of serpents bearing gifts… be as wise as serpents and gentle as the dove, but if something was out to get you, and you need to take direct and immediate action… then do. 🙂 If you are out to ‘do yourself in’ by making heartless choices… then perhaps direct and immediate heartfelt presence and action are required.

We connect with our soul through heart, with the simple phrase:  “I Am Presence… please connect with me”… we hold this presence 24/7, so that we cease to be a hazard to the joy of other lifeforms. When you are in the fullest presence of yourself, then watch doors swing open… watch the birds chirp around you… watch the animals be comforted by your presence… watch the clouds part… even fire itself a spirit… may reach out to touch your hand… cease blaming others for being repelled by your illusions.

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