Another Strong Ascension, Nibiru Flyby, And  De-Aging Ally: Zeolite

Well… there’s a new lifestyle change a-going on… and it’sa like this:

-More conscious efforts to pull toxins from body including fullest chemtrail detox.

-Cleaning up the blood… a very very good idea considering there is strong magnetic variation going on, due to earth magnetic clash with Nibiru or something else…. nahhhh…

-We can easily walk the road to de-aging if we really want to…

Zeolite is like hitting the jackpot….read up…


and comments…

From: http://www.etszeolite.com/html/zeolite_blog.html

Cleanest Liver Scan — I have had Hepatitis  C for about 15 years and it has been a tough battle.  OMG after using powdered ETS Zeolite for about a month I have had the cleanest liver scan that I have ever had.z


The idea here is that the magnetic turbulence we experience with Nibiru can be lessened, as we clean the BLOOD, BRAIN AND HEART… as we do this, we de-age… there are other steps of which this is essential… zeolite is a strong ally for us for a NIBIRU FLYBY…. and GEOMAGNETIC STORMS NO MATTER WHAT THE CAUSE.

other blood cleaners may include:

green leafy veggies

raw foods

organic foods

pure water

heart based living

consciously program your blood

probiotic foods

vegetarian foods

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To Alternative on Saturday Sep 13 2014 20:09
We can possibly imagine that as we carry density as heavy metals through our blood, brain and hearts…that life WILL BECOME MORE INCREASINGLY CHALLENGING…. those who detox…. WILL SAIL THROUGH HEALTH TURBULENCES.
You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to have a healthy brain…
You don’t need to be a heart surgeon to have a loving heart…


Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission


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