Sorting Through The News: Scientific Minds Are Limited… Spiritual Hearts Are Unlimited

Sorting Through The News: Scientific Minds Are Limited… Spiritual Hearts Are Unlimited

People who live by science are essentially only estimating the mind of God, which spirit expresses.

It is good to be questioning yes…  however, spirit guides us to answers that science can only guestimate. :)

When thoughts rule… so will misguided imbalanced living.

When the mind rules you will not know your true greatness… instead the illusionary sense of greatness rationalized is not the real deal.

Science is a false religion… because people worship science over Creator.

Creator freely provides answers that scientists seek to estimate.

Remember this to make live very very easy: Some people need 100 experiments… some need 5….. some need 2… and some do not need any…

In our world the one who needs the most experiments gets the most funding.

The silent one who knows is beyond  our system’s ability to fund.

Those who need the funding of others, for their limit scientific minds,jj do so at the expense of funding heart initiatives.

Do not seek to know extraterrestrials with your mind… seek to know them with heart.

None of us are constructs of our minds… that is ‘earth culture’… a way of controlling the masses.

Watch those who are solely scientific… struggle with knowing who is loving and who is not…

Watch those who are solely scientific to seek the knowing that only love and heart can bring.

Love is the answer… always has been, and always will be…  in our hearts we know this.

Seek to be grateful for the originality in self and others.

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