When Love Shows Up As Anger

“We must remember and honor that everyone’s highest form of reality must be expressed. In this time especially, with their expected lashing out, the feeling of their pain, the blaming of us – honor their expression with detachment. We have been there, we understand how difficult and painful it is to see and feel this chaos and our shadow self – the wars, killing, suffering, the manipulation, the enslaving and treatment of our animal families, the lies, and the brutal environment we are all responsible for. So remind yourself in the time to come, that even when we see people struggling, dealing with their pain, that we must love them and allow them to express their individual emotions freely – even if this shows up in them as anger. Allowing them to feel this pain and express it, enables them to see their shadow self, coupled with the neutrality of love which diffuses the negative charge of their projection and allows their fragmentation and ego to heal.”


When Love Shows Up As Anger

We learn to be mindful and heartful of when love shows up as anger.

Sometimes people love us… and so they try to hurt us.

Sometimes people love us… and so they try to control us.

People want to control each other, because they are taught that is how you love someone.

Even someone who hates you, is hating you for your own good… (in their illusion of course)… it is their form of loving you.

Think of all those beings you claim to love… do you really reflect hate?

I love you, therefore I must criticize you.

I love you, therefore I must influence you.

I love you, therefore I must be superior to you.

I love you, therefore you must enslave yourself to me.

As we rise in our wisdom we begin to finally see…

I love you, therefore my energy will harmonize with your energy.

I love you therefore my energy will benefit from the parts of you, that are not me.

I love you as an equal of varying degrees of consciousness.

I love you therefore I will be present for your freedom… I will hold the door open rather than to slam it shut.

Is it possible to be loving in such a dense environment of density releasing itself to the void?

Absolutely… are souls are made of love, not density… it is our natural state of being.

How will you know when you are yourself?  When you feel how amazing you are. 🙂

How will you know when something is bothersome to your soul?  When you have an electrical static response (getting jolted out of your perpetual comfort zone), or when your hearts tells you.

Watch how the world is trying to love each other by expressing anger at each other… how people are attempting to control one another for ‘peace’ and for ‘freedom’…  watch as this illusion transmutes into nothing… who really wants to control others?  At the soul level, none of us… this is why the world has worked to disconnect us from soul…. we are now reconnecting to soul, as anger is released, as real or perceived love. An inner lie will hold a negatively charge or jolt… real love is the highest vibratory level of feeling.

On another subject that affects us all: So how about those Nibiru comments from South America eh?

“Fantastic! Unbelievable! Heavenly!” Nibiru Now Seen With Naked Eye And Binoculars In South America/South US?

Indian in the machine

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One thought on “When Love Shows Up As Anger

  1. Ahorn – Einhorn

    Der Same der Eiche ist das Gleiche. – die Freiheit des Denkens.
    Der Same der Kastanie ist die Freiheit des Tuns.
    Der Same der Linde ist die Freiheit des Weges – der Entscheidungen aus Liebe.

    Die Freiheit, die Wahrheit und das Glück.

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