Secret Of The Ages: How To Steal People’s Energy

Secret Of The Ages: How To Steal People’s Energy

Okay I will share a big secret… this simple adage is going to change your life… it is actually a teaching in the secret societies I am sure but I do not know which one…. maybe all of ’em!

The key to stealing another beings energy is this:


Some people dance really good and are charismatic… but they tell a lie in a good way.

Some look authoritative at the podium… very fatherly or motherly… he or she, is expert at looking right into the camera, as he or she tells lies.

This plays out with countries… this plays out in personal relationships… this plays out on the television…. commercials… video games…. movies… music videos… magazine covers…

Where ever you accepted a lie from an authority figure … is where this has played out…

It plays out everywhere you put your trust in an authority.

In truth… many cultures have practically become all about this issue… entire systems…. economies… and careers are based on ones ability to tell a lie that others will perceive is real… usually from some fake friend… or someone who is paid to act as if they are your friend, when in reality they are messing with you.


How will you know if you have fallen for this secret of the ages.

It is simple.

You will know healing is there when love is present.

You will know love is present when wisdom is present.

You will know love is present when you are present for love.

*Ask Archangel Michael right now for an energy cleansing with the violet flame… and guidance to clear attitudes, values and belief systems that are not love.

Can we now see how important it is to master presence over the distractions of the trivial… the world wants us to be trivial together in our non-presence… which feels empty… because that is what it is.  We can feel full for real…  when we learn to be present with each other.

Indian in the machine now lives on internet tips from readers:  World…  I want to play  game with you. It goes like this.  If you find something of value in what I offer… real value… the kind of value that will change your life forever for the better… then feel free to leave a tip… something small even is appreciated… each time it happens… or when appropriate… not just one tip for your entire lifetime.  This way I can continue to do what I love to do, and other lives can too, be changed for the better. Imagine how regularly people tip for a coffee… why not learn to tip when your life is changed for the better… this is now how I make my living… through the generosity of anyone happening to read my uplifting words.

Double check… did I make an attempt to steal energy here?


No… feels like love is here… thanks for listening!

Indian in the machine

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12 thoughts on “Secret Of The Ages: How To Steal People’s Energy

  1. Dearest Indian, I have great gratitude for your love, your efforts.You are a beacon of light in a terribly ill and suffering world. I will have some money – Great Spirit willing – in a few months. Besides my two animals, you will be the FIRST I share it with, because you mean so much to me, my heart and soul and spirit. I have always shared what I have had, and it has been a lesson to me these past few years to be brought down by this system we are almost all enslaved by. But I have only good energy to share and believe in others – like YOU – who also share all their good energy and love. Yes, as this Linda says, others may put out content ( this or that “chanelled” messages, some of which may contain untruths – everyone must evaluate those message within their own resonance )- but what YOU personally donate to us all is always pure Spirit, pure love- and I appreciate this, TRULY: I am only sorry to be “busted”, broken at this moment in time………….but this will pass soon, I do believe. You help me to believe, and I love your creativity, your beauty, and your kindness. love always, eli

    1. Eli… your words and presence are uplifting. I truly enjoy this mission more and more although there is a shift taking place… it has been an awesome ride… onwards towards infinity we rise in love. 🙂 Hugs, D.

  2. Thank for sharing the light…when you give someone money with the right intention of circulating it for the benefit of all those involved you are actually simply putting the money right in your other pocket ❤ ❤ <3.

  3. Well, Dieter I have been reading your blogs for some time. Most of what you post is available directly from the source, if one wants to take the time to subscribe. So what exactly are you wanting to be paid for? I lost a management position 2 years ago, was given a “package” I discovered gifts (my clairvoyant, clairaudient and mediumship abilities) combined them with 30 years of study in the metaphyscial/spiritual areas… and am working with another site, to earn a living. I am doing well, but it does require that I exchange my “gifts: for energy ($$).
    I have a website…. perhaps I should keep blogging and ask that subscribers donate for my time. That seems to be what you are doing.

    1. Lynda… think of it this way… a waitress does not grow the coffee… she brings it to the table… and gets a tip… I am positive many people tip waitresses for this. Have you ever tipped someone for bringing something? Of course I do way more than just serve material…. we introduce all sorts of material… When a coffee establishment puts out a tip jar… do you ask them “ what exactly are you wanting to be paid for?” I am reminding those who need reminding that it is okay to tip those who provide something of benefit to your life…. do not feel it is not valuable… it helps those helping you…. folks do we need to charge each other for everything, no… there are other ways that are more heartfelt. 🙂

      1. I am thankful for “some” of the material. Most of what is blogged here I have already read. Having said that… many of the other sites ask for donations as well. Then there are sites who freely forward information as an adjunct to what they are already doing. So where does one balance this?

    2. I… one time felt the way you do Lynda. I too had a website and spent years sharing. I know Dieter puts out a lot of energy here and it’s ok to ask for gratitude in the form of a donation. If the article inspires you…and if you can do it…that’s a good thing. A lot of us don’t have income but if we can spare a brother a meal or two…it’s called pay it forward. If you can get the material that he posts on other sites..,which is available to all…then why do you come here? The same reason I do. There is something here that goes much deeper than the rest. It’s time for many of us open our Hearts…get a new perspective on life and how it works.

      1. Thanks Carol… I’m basking in your energy right now… think of me as the waiter who serves many every day… I give LITERALLY thousands of gifts everyday… and millions of gifts a month… it feels good to give… I encourage people to feel as good as I do, instead of holding back… holding back… watching… holding back… I want to experience MORE of people… not MORE of their illusions… I want to be FREE with people… I don’t want to be with your limitations… I want to be with your unlimitations… where is the playfullness? I wish others felt as Light as I do… I know this site and efforts are of the greatest service, I could imagine… I have shown what it is to be generous… I encourage those who resonate with me, to be generous with me. 🙂

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