5 thoughts on “Ground Crew School – How To Make A Healthy Pie You Can Actually Live On

  1. Do you want to know a secret?
    If nobody takes a risk, all are at risk.

    We will never know before if it is right or wrong, but you have to try it.

  2. I lived that way my heart filled with.
    I have followed this law.
    I’ve long been on this way – now I am self this Gebot and Geschenk.

  3. The gift – Das Geschenk

    in german language the word ‘Gift’ stands for poison.
    In difference to the commandments some following to look for a way trough – doing this all night long and try to practise all day long. This is our ‘Gebot’ – this is our ‘Geschenk’. This is change.

    The way to change is poison, gift and Gebot (unbroken commandment), Geschenk.

    In addition to your knowlegde about this. Don’t you know that so called zombies could be healed with poison? But first you have to make the decision to take it – helping others to produce and give and be open for taking the gift.

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